NAME: Jack Skellington
TITLE: The Pumpkin King
NICKNAMES: Mr. Unlucky, Bone Daddy, Bone Man
HOMETOWN: Halloween Town
PETS: Zero
LIKES: Halloween, scaring people, Christmas, new and interesting things, science
DISLIKES: The same old thing year after year,
PHYSIQUE: Skeleton
AWARDS: 22nd place in Empire Magazine's, "The 50 Best Animated Movie Characters"
VOICE: Chris Sarandon (speaking), Danny Elfman (singing)

- the pumpkin king - responsibilities and expectations every halloween
- longing - for something new
- selfishness - turning a blind eye to his own actions
- doing your best - making up for misbehaving
- spider - comparisons and symbolism
- zero - a man's best friend
- love? - does jack really deserve sally?
- trivia - fun facts about jack!

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