→ Jack makes an appearance in Bleedman's webcomic: Grim Tales Down Blow. Jack is the younger brother of Grim (From The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
→ Jack is mentioned in the song "I Miss You," by Blink 182. "The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley, we can live like Jack and Sally if we want, where you can always find me. We'll have Halloween on Christmas."
→ The reason Jack has two voices is because his voice actor did not have enough time to take singing lessons before production started.
→ During the opening scene of Sleepy Hollow, Jack's scarecrow outfit can be seen.
→ In Alice and Wonderland, Jack's face can be seen on the Mad Hatter's scarf.
→ In James and the Giant Peach, Jack appears as the captain in the pirate scene.
→ A silhouette of Jack can be seen in the Princess and the Frog as a shadow Dr.Facilier summons.
→ Jack's head appears in the movie Coraline in the egg yolk when the mother cracks open an egg.
→ Jack appears in the movie Beetlejuice, when Betelguese comes out of the city model with a carousel on his head. Jack's face is inside of the carousel. This may be a coincidence though because Beetlejuice came out in 1988, but the poem of Jack was already produced, not the movie.
→ Jack can be found in lyrics from the band, Blood On The Dance Floor, in their song "Fallen Star" - "Like Jack and Sally on top of Death Valley or below in southern Cali we lived our grand finale."
→ All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat has a tattoo of Jack playing a guitar on his chest. He also uses a guitar pick of Jack giving the finger.
→ Jack's entry in the Kingdom Hearts 2 journal depicts him as the "Skeleton King," when Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories calls him the "Pumpkin King." The former is an incorrect title as in the original movie he is titled the "Pumpkin King."
→ The doll that came out of one of Jack's presents reappears as one of the treasures to be dug up in Mission 77.

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