Electric Trance is owned by Megan. All information published on this website was created by myself, unless stated otherwise. Elesa reminds me of the Gym Leader Erika from Kanto in many ways due to their personality and sense of style (at least in the anime version). This is probably why I was immediately attracted to her character. I also love Zebstrika which is one of the first Pokemon we see her with in the series. I decided to name this tribute "Electric Trance" because I felt like Elesa is able to stun people with her beauty, which is almost like putting them into a trance. This tribute was created for a marathon I ran through Amassment (from September-December). This marathon was created for The Herald Eight, a web-ring for Pokemon Gym Leader tributes. Everything seen, unless stated otherwise, was created for the purpose of Electric Trance, and may not be used anywhere else. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any of the following places:
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