The following information is all based on my personal opinion. Therefore, none of this is proven, but just things that I have come up with while playing the games, reading the manga, and watching the anime that have given me information on Elesa.


Like all of the other trainers in the Nimbasa City Gym, Gym Leader Elesa specializes in Electric-Type Pokemon. However, Elesa doesn't just use Electric Types, she mixes Electric with other types as well. Through out the games she has Electric mixed with Flying and Bug. Therefore, when battling Elesa it is important to use Pokemon that won't be weak against the opposite type. I am going to build a strategy team just to show how to easily win against Elesa in Black and White and Black and White 2. Due to the fact that she uses some repeats through out the two series, I will just talk about the four different Pokemon in her party, and they are as followed:

Emolga, ranging from Lvl 25-30 depending on the game, is the Electric/Flying Type Pokemon that Elesa uses in her party. Emolga knows the following moves: Volt Switch, Aerial Ace, Pursuit, Quick Attack. Flying Type Pokemon are immune to Ground, are resistant to Fighting, and are weak against Electric, Rock, and Ice. Electric Type Pokemon only have one true weakness, and that is Ground. Unfortunately, we cannot use a Ground Type Pokemon against Emolga because it's part Flying. I would suggest using Ground/Dark. One Pokemon from the Unova region that you should bring with you is Sandile. You need to make sure that your Sandile knows a Dark Type move first before you enter the Gym Battle.

Zebstrika, ranging from Lvl 27-32 depending on the game, is an Electric Type Pokemon that Elesa uses in her party. Zebstrika knows the following moves: Volt Switch, Pursuit, Flame Charge, Stomp, Quick Attack, Spark. Like stated above, Electric Type Pokemon are only weak against Ground Type Pokemon. Zebstrika's Fire attack will be weak against Ground as well, so therefore we should stick with a Ground Type Pokemon. Some good examples in the Unova region would be to use Drilbur or Sandile. If you already evolved your Drilbur into Excadrill, DO NOT use it! The Steel Type that Excadrill gains will be weak against Fire, and Elesa will use that to her advantage.

Flaaffy, ranging from Lvl 26-30 depending on the game, is another Electric Type Pokemon that Elesa uses in her party. Flaaffy knows the following moves: Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Confuse Ray, Take Down. Once again, the only true type that is good against Electric is Ground. Ground is not weak or good against Psychic moves, which is the only new addition with Flaaffy. Therefore, you should keep using your Drilbur, Sandile or add in a Palpitoad. I would suggest switching between the three during battles so that they aren't tired, or to give you time to heal.

Joltik, only appearing in Challenge Mode (B2/W2), is Lvl 30, and is the Electric/Bug Type Pokemon that Elesa uses in her party. Joltik knows the following moves: Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Energy Ball, X-Scissor. Unfortunately, Ground Type Pokemon have little effect on Bug Type Pokemon, and therefore our Ground Pokemon above will not be the best option. Joltik will be weaker against Fire and Rock Type Pokemon. Honestly, if you have your own Zebstrika, I would use it against Joltik. Joltik's Electric moves won't effect Zebstrika, nor will the Bug moves. You can keep using Flame Charge until Joltik is defeated.


Electric Type Pokemon are one of the Pokemon Types that I really hate battling against. I think my major problem with fighting them is that I never have a Ground Type Pokemon easily available in my party. Electric moves aren't really effective against Electric, Grass, and Dragon Type Pokemon, all of which I don't really use except Electric. However, it doesn't make much sense for me to use an Electric against an Electric, unless my Electric Pokemon is a dual Type. There are currently 60 Electric Type Pokemon out there. The Electric Types that I have used in my parties through out the games are the following:
⚡ Raichu (Electric)
⚡ Lanturn (Electric/Water)
⚡ Ampharos (Electric)
⚡ Manectric (Electric)
⚡ Luxray (Electric)
⚡ Zebstrika (Electric)
As you can see, none of these Electric Pokemon are paired up well for me to use against another Electric Type Pokemon. In my current game, Pokemon Moon, I have been using my Pikachu against Electric Pokemon, and using Brick Break, because the Fighting Type does normal damage. I've also been using my Snorlax as well, simply because she's just a badass and can take down anything. Perhaps I need a better strategy myself. I believe when I battled Elesa, I used my Zebstrika the whole time. I am always at a higher level than I should be, so I can usually take down the Gym Battles pretty fast without a great strategy.


I've never really found much interest in any of the other Electric Type Gym Leaders, and now Trial Leader with the new Alola Generations. Incase you forgot who they are:
⚡ Lt. Surge (Vermilion City)
⚡ Wattson (Mauville City)
⚡ Volkner (Sunyshore City)
Elesa (Nimbasa)
⚡ Clemont (Lumiose City)
⚡ Sophocles (Hokulani Observatory)
I think what instantly attracted me to Elesa is her physical appearance. She is a cool looking female character, and I always really enjoy seeing characters like her in video-games. I also loved that she used Zebstrika, simply because Zebsrika is one of my favorite Pokemon. After judging her character based on these two simple facts, I decided to watch her anime appearances. I really found her character to be quite amusing. I liked her reaction when Ash only brought Palpitoad to her battle, and it lost. I liked how quickly she came to bat for Bianca when her dad wanted her to stop her Pokemon Journey, and she didn't even know Bianca well. I also like how she didn't brag about her beauty and fame, but instead used it to create a better society and image. Then, seeing her bad-ass self in the Pokemon Generation episode where she was carelessly riding on Zebstrika as it attacked Team Plasma, I knew that she was a great character for me. Hopefully this small tribute to Elesa can show others that she is a great character as well. I would recommend everyone to watch her anime episodes to get to know her character a bit more as well!