⚡ In Black & White 2, Elesa has two Pokemon of the same species with identical move sets. She shares this trait with Koga, Jasmine, and Janine.
⚡ Elesa is the only returning Gym Leader from Black and White to receive a redesign in Black 2 and White 2.
⚡ In the Memory Link event Taking it to The Next Level, Elesa says the line, "And don't call me Shirley!", a reference to the film Airplane!
⚡ Nimbasa City is the only known city in the Pokemon world to feature arenas for human sporting events and an amusement park.
⚡ Since Unova is based on New York City, it's possible that Nimbasa City is meant to represent Coney Island. Coney Island has an amusement park on it, is home to one of New York's largest subway stations (which like Gear Station in Nimbasa City, is connected to all of the subway lines in the city), and (being part of Brooklyn) it's relatively close to some of New York's professional sports venues. Nimbasa City is not on an island, but it is mostly surrounded by water.
⚡ In Black and White, Nimbasa Gym is the only Gym where the Gym Leader's monetary reward is the lower than all of the other Pokemon Trainers present in the Gym. This is probably due to the fact that the Trainers are Rich Boys and Ladies, who give a higher prize money than most other Trainer classes.
⚡ Due to a glitch, if the player loses to Lady Colette while directly facing her when encountered, when the player comes back in she will be standing on the same spot and will battle the player. After she is defeated, she still remains on the tracks of the roller coaster, and can be passed through while riding the roller coaster to Elesa.
⚡ In Black and White, all of the Trainers have only Emolga and Blitzle's evolutionary lines, despite Tynamo, Stunfisk, and Joltik's lines being in the Unova Pokedex.
⚡ In the manga, just when Elesa was about to hand Black a Bolt Badge as a sign of his victory, his car started moving again, taking Black to an outside portion of the roller coaster, where he encountered Thundurus, which unleashed a lightning bolt at him, shocking him and opening his harness in the process. Back inside the Gym, Elesa told Black how she had also encountered Thundurus in her past.