Nimbasa City is home to the Nimbasa Gym, or Raimon Gym, which is run by Elesa. The city is located in central Unova, and can be reached by three different routes. The south side of the city is Route 4, to the west in Route 5 and to the east is route 16. Nimbasa City is the most populous city in the Unova region, and the second most populous in the Pokemon World (behind Kalos's Lumiose City). This city is the heart of leisure and entertainment. The main landmarks of this city are: The Musical Theater, Gear Station, Big Stadium and Small Court, Battle Institute, and the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel and amusement park. The cities motto is, "Shining city where lightning sparkles."


Prop Case: Given by the owner of the Musical Theater, shown how to dress up your Pokemon
Bicycle: Reward from the Day-Care man at the city entrance after defeating Team Plasma.
HM04 (Strength): From an Ace Trainer in the building northwest of the Pokemon Center
Soothe Bell: From a Socialite in the building northwest of the Pokemon Center, after showing her a Pokemon with high happiness.
Vs. Recorder: From an Ace Trainer exiting the Battle Subway.
Sun Stone: From an Ace Trainer in the building north of the Pokemon Center.
TM49 (Echoed Voice): From a woman in the Musical Hall.
Macho Brace: From a man in the eastern gate.
Toy Cake: From the owner of the Pokemon Musical on the player's birthday.
Tiara: From the owner of the Pokemon Musical after participating in a Musical with another player.
Crown: From the owner of the Pokemon Musical after winning 3 Musicals (doesn't have to be in a row)
Winners-Belt: From the owner of the Pokemon Musical after winning 8 Musicals (doesn't have to be in a row)
Thunder Stone: Near the Pokémon Center (hidden)


The Nimbasa City Gym in Pokemon Black and White is designed to look like an amusement park, with bright neon colors and rides all around. The roller coasters go all around the gym, and in the game version, the player must find the right way through the roller coasters to get to Elesa at the end. When you get off certain cars, you'll run into Pokemon battles with other trainers within the Gym. Sometimes they are also guarding switches to move the tracks the roller coasters are on. The final roller coaster looks different than the others, featuring a large loop-the-loop.

This Gym switches in Pokemon Black and White 2, where the amusement theme isn't totally abandoned. First you must go through the old Gym where you battle a few trainers. When you finish there, you are allowed to enter the new Gym. Elesa's new Gym is just a long strip, trying to look like a platform where you strut your stuff, or do the catwalk on the runway! This new look probably goes hand in hand with Elesa's new physical appearance. She is now focusing more on her modeling career in Black & White 2, and therefore she is probably emphasizing that with her new Gym appearance.


Hover over each Gym Trainer to see what Pokemon they will use during the battle. They will be split up between Black and White, and Black and White 2.