Elesa's physique varies throughout her appearances in the Pokemon series. Below, I will compare her wardrobe, as well as her attitude, in the manga, B/W, and B/W2 appearances.

The manga takes on her appearance in the Black and White video game, as well as the anime series. They both show Elesa with the same outfit and hair style. This will represent pictures one and two above. It's hard to tell if the long, black, pig-tail-like strands are her hair, or if they are an attachment to her head band. Either way, what we do know is her hair is blonde, and goes to the top of her neck. She is then wearing a black head band that has two large white half-circles covering her ears. From the right half circle, a red rectangle is present, and from the left half circle, a blue one is. This symbolizes magnets, which goes well with her Electric Type Gym. She then has a large black choker covering her neck. She is wearing a sleeveless opened cardigan-like tank top, that exposes a lot of skin. Under that, she is wearing a cut black crop top. Finally, she wears high-waisted black tight pants.

Although her physical appearance is the same in these images, her mentality is way different. In the anime, Elesa has a typical fashionista personality. She is charming and sweet, and seems kind of innocent because of the fact that her femininity is booming. One great personality trait seen by Elesa in the anime is her ability to stick up for others, and give people a chance. She is seen talking to Bianca's father, reassuring him that Bianca has the ability to fight and become a Pokemon trainer if she wants to. This allows Bianca a chance to prove herself to her father.

However, in the manga, Elesa's role becomes a bit more serious. She appears as uninterested and sometimes a little bit bitchy as well. Like most Gym Leaders, her role in the manga is more important and significant than anywhere else. She is seen fighting alongside the rest of the Unova Gym Leaders against Team Plasma. Elesa is kidnapped and is seen hung on a crucifix with the others, being mocked. This really irritates her and her fellow comrades, but thankfully they are saved.

When you look over at image three, you will see Elesa with a whole new look to her. In a memory link between Elesa and her friend, and fellow Gym Leader, Skyla, Elesa describes why she feels like she needs a new PR makeover. Elesa explains that being a model is a fun thing, especially because whatever she wears becomes a look that others try to achieve. However, she states, "everyone judges me simply based on my appearance. People say that I'm reserved, and that I don't look like the type who would tell jokes!" This irritates her because she thinks that her current look (B/W) makes her look like she isn't a fun person. She decides to "tear down that mistaken image with [her] own hands." Therefore, Elesa comes back in Black 2 and White 2 with a brand new look.

Elesa does manage to make herself look more sophisticated. She now has long black hair with an edgy front bang. She keeps a similar style headband, but this time, the blue and red rectangles have pointed upward like antennas on her head (still appropriate with her Electric Type Gym). She wears a yellow and blue crop top that connects to matching short-shorts by a giant white hexagon. This look makes her legs look very long, giving her an older sex-appeal. She definitely looks like a model with this new look of hers.