Welcome to Pokedex, a small collective that hosts all of Megan's Pokemon tributes and fanlistings. Pokemon has been a huge part of my life, ever since I borrowed my sisters Pokemon Red Version for my cute little pink GameBoy. Since then, I have continued my own journey with Pokemon, playing more of the games, watching the anime, and reading the various manga books. My journey has led me all the way up to playing PokemonGo on my iPhone 6! To find out more about me, feel free to check out the trainer section of this subdomain. To see what sites I currently have online, check out party, and to see the upcoming ones, check out my Pokemon in the box that the Professor kindly stores for me. Media is a new addition where I will add Pokemon related things that I own or that I've drawn. All of my sites will be linked back to this section as well for some extra multimedia-fun! Website will lead you to my affiliates, as well as a large Pokemon-related link portal! Finally, clear will bring you right back here. Please enjoy your look around!

This is currently version four of Pokedex, featuring a simple layout with Pokemon number 245, Suicune. The image was found off of All aspects of this layout was created by me, or default to Adobe Photoshop CS. The fonts used on this layout were downloaded from