Photos and descriptions coming soon!

Fan... Art?

Below are some of my lovely -cough- drawings that I created when I was a small child. I wanted to upload these manly for "shits and giggles," but also because it inspires me to realize that I've been dedicated to this series since it first started. Pokemon has literally been apart of my life since I can remember, and because of that, it makes me love making sites and fanlistings to these characters so much more! If you're up for a good laugh, feel free to browse through my descriptions, as well as the pictures, below! If you have any funny pictures that you've drawn, feel free to send them my way and share the laughs! Enjoy~

I remember making this back in the day, aka sometime in early elementary school, after I got home from school. I was watching Pokemon on my T.V. in my living room, and it stated "WHO'S THAT POKEMON?!?" From the outline I knew it was Bayleef. So, I decided to draw one! Not only did I draw her, but I wrote a very descriptive memo of what Bayleef is like.
Fish Catcher Karly!
Simply because that was the name of my apparent fish-catcher! I am oddly still really proud of this. It took me forever, and I remember when I finished it I tapped it on the cover of my Pokemon card Binder! This also makes me laugh because I see all of these Pokemon all the time on PokemonGO in my area!
Along Route 4
I don't know why I am calling it that, but I am. Clearly I was inspired by some Route that enters a mountain that I can catch a Geodude from!? Right!? There is a whole lotta random Pokemon in this photo. But, I'm glad to see that I imagined all the Pokemon hanging together.
Pokemon Cards and Other Stuff
Well, if it isn't obvious, I used to have this as the cover of my Pokemon card binder as well. I think that this one was on there for a long time... If I remember correctly of course. I am pretty proud with how my letters came out. I think that I am a little surprised that I didn't draw a Squirtle or something in the water...
A Starry Night
Even though the scenery definitely looks like it's day time, my sky is showing us that it's night. Every Pokemon is awake and moving, except for my sleepy Vulpix under the tree. I do like my Dragonair flying in the sky, however. Once again, definitely a random group of Pokemon! But, I can dig it.
My Room
This is clearly inspired by the Secret Bases?! Or maybe I made this before Secret Bases were even a thing. Maybe I am secretly the creator of them... Or maybe I just made this because you can go into Red's room in the beginning of the game. Who knows. But, I guess I have a cool ass room! (Notice the lava lamp in the corner)
A Battle
This is one of my many characters that I drew that was suppose to be me. Of course I have a Squirtle on my team! Look at that loser opponent that I am fighting, she's a twig (literally)! I'm really liking my edgy outfit. I wonder what type of outfit I would really be wearing as a Pokemon master...
The Cutiest Of All
If you didn't already realize, Squirtle has been my A-1, Day-1. I also really wasn't that great at spelling at this point in my life. I was inspired by my earlier Bayleef picture for this one, clearly. Squirlte is the cutiest and the best... if you didn't already know~ ;)
Squirtle again
I am liking that I finally started to just do solo-shots of Squirtle with no descriptions, no nothing! This is a very basic sketch, but I think that it's still pretty cute! However, I may just be biased because it's Squirtle and he's always cute! Maybe I should make new drawings and color them in...
Woops for Wooper
If you haven't noticed, Wooper has been on quite a few of my drawings before this one. Once I realized how easy Wooper was to draw, I couldn't stop! I even started to catch them in my games because I started to like him so much from my drawings. Wooper is a cute Pokemon, and it's cool that he's both water and ground!
Meg and Squirtle
Last but definitely not least, another picture of me and Squirtle! I like this character design that I had for myself, even though my skirt is way too short, and my legs are way too long. I think this would be a cool cover photo for a dramatic photo shoot of me and Squirtle if we ever had one.