#007: Squirtle / Zenigame
PokemonGO: Starter Pokemon
Squirtle has always been my all time favorite starter Pokemon. I was immediately attracted to him because of his cute turtle-like appearance. Squirtle is one of the few Pokemon that I wish I never had to evolve because I wasn't a big fan of his later stages.

#078: Rapidash / Gallop
PokemonGO: None so far
Rapidash is one of the few Fire-Type Pokemon that I simply had to have in every play through from the original Kanto games. I really like the idea of having a horse that is entangled with fire (for some reason my brain doesn't mix horses with flames xD).

#470: Leafeon / Riifia
PokemonGO: N/A
I was never really attracted to many of the Grass-Type Pokemon simply because they were always pretty weak, and I wasn't that great at using attacks that put other Pokemon to sleep or poisoned them, etc. However, Leafeon caught my eye because she was a Grass-Type Pokemon that was faster than usual, and had better moves. I also was very interested in Leafeon based on some of her anime appearances as well.

#673: Gogoat / Gogoat
PokemonGO: N/A
Fun fact: I've never played a game with Gogoat in my party. However, I was attracted to his personality through the anime version of Pokemon. I loved his mind-reading abilities, as well as his tight-knit bond with Alexa. Hopefully when I have time to play Pokemon X & Y I will finally be able to have a Gogoat on my team!


Rainbow Badge: Erika / Erika
Erika is, was, and will always be my favorite human character from the Pokemon series. I have always admired how much she loved and appreciated not only grass-type Pokemon, but nature in general. She is a mixture of class, elegance, and spunk. She isn't just pretty to look at, but she has a kick-ass personality. She is a great trainer and a gym leader. Reading the manga allowed me to fully appreciate her character past her anime role in generation 1.

Bolt Badge: Elesa / Kamitsure
I think what instantly attracted me to Elesa is her physical appearance. She is a cool looking female character, and I always really enjoy seeing characters like her in video-games. I also loved that she used Zebstrika, simply because Zebsrika is one of my favorite Pokemon. After judging her character based on these two simple facts, I decided to watch her in the anime, and look at her manga appearances. This gave me a deeper passion than physical attraction to her character.

Feather Badge: Winona / Nagi
I quickly connected to Winona as a person when I found out she was a character who strongly appreciated the sky. I thought that it was amazing how she used her power, the wind, and the environment around her to win her battles. She is also a dedicated trainer, friend, and Gym Leader. Once again, reading the manga allowed me to really appreciate her as a leader and a friend. It was nice to see her character from a more serious-toned story, versus just the anime or game.


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