While Miroku and Sango have their moments of getting fed up with each other, they are able to always move past those moments. Their relationship is built on many strengths of support, love, and effort. Below are some of the ways that I think the two are able to find love (pre-proposal scene).

Miroku can sense that Sango is jealous of all of the women he flirts with through out the series. Although I am certain that he enjoys seeing her feel that way over him, he doesn't allow her to have poisonous thoughts in her head for too long. For example, during Episode 85, Miroku and Sango are about to fight a demon and he tells her they need to win and get out. As soon as he finds out there is a princess involved, he tells Sango that they can wait a few days to fight the demon if they have to. Miroku is summoned to see the princess, and Sango questions him, saying that there is no way he can go alone. Miroku grabs onto Sango's hand and says, "listen Sango, it is true the princess is very pretty, but my heart belongs to you!" She instantly gets red and defensive, saying it isn't like that. However, it obviously is. She is embarrassed and once again has too big of an ego to admit it, but she is happy that he cares for her in a way he doesn't for anyone else. I don't think there is an issue to enjoy seeing someone jealous because they care about you, but I do think it is an issue if you don't reassure, or help them see there is nothing to be jealous about. Miroku impresses me by often letting Sango know verbally, or through action that regardless of what he says or does with other women, his mind is on her. At this point in the series, however, he hasn't fully admitted to her that he wants to be with her, but it is very much assumed that he does have serious feelings for her.

One of my favorite moments between the two is during Episode 78, when Sango is approached by someone she met six years ago, Lord Kuranosuke Takeda. He requests Sango to help defeat a demon that is plaguing the castle at night time. We find out that six years previous, Sango helped him defeat a different demon in his castle. However, this time he asks her to stay with him once the demon is dead, and to marry him. Miroku over hears this conversation, and gets extremely hurt and jealous when he realizes that there is another man in the picture. (This is almost his karma for all of the women he fancies in front of Sango up until this point!) But, what he states actually surprises me a lot.
Miroku: If I am truly concerned about Sango's happiness, its best that I let her be.
Instead of allowing his jealousy to take over, he realizes that Sango deserves to be happy. Up until this point, he was lecherous with other women and kind of unfair to her, but when he gets a taste of his own medicine, he realizes that she deserves more than him. This takes the "if you love someone, let them go," lesson to a whole new meaning. Later in the episode, Sango is about to be brutally attacked by the demon she is supposed to fight, but Miroku jumps in the way to save her as blood flies into the air. Miroku is holding onto her tight, making it clear that he truly cares for her. This moment allows Sango to realize that Miroku is becoming more serious about what he says to her. Sango ends up declining the marriage proposal from Kuranosuke, and stays with her friends. Miroku and Sango share an umbrella and walk side by side, where he states that he is "glad that [they] can continue [their] journey together." Of course, Miroku rubs her butt, and Sango of course smacks him in the face. However, this time Sango runs ahead and giggles to herself, and Miroku looks at her with a big smile on his face. This shows that they are comfortable with their routine, and are starting to really realize from both ends their true feelings.

Episodes 114-118 in the anime basically show us how far the development between Miroku and Sango has really come. The two are sent on a journey together, separate from the rest of the gang, to investigate a nearby cave for Naraku. While in the cave, Miroku keeps trying to touch Sango's butt, mostly because they are finally alone, but he realizes he is unable to. This is because Miroku has finally come to the realization inside that he wants to be with Sango. This is new for him, because previous to her, he had thought that he would never be able to experience, or find, someone to truly love. Miroku struggles with this thought from episode 114-117, and realizes that at this rate, he will never be able to touch her in this situation. Finally, the two get to the center of the cave where they find Kagura. The whole cave was actually just a trap to separate everyone, and Kagura starts to attack them. Sango ends up getting hurt, and Miroku runs to her aid. He begins to open the Wind Tunnel, but Kagura warns him of the poisonous bugs around them.
Miroku: Who do you think I am? If it means that the girl I care dearly for can live on instead, then I don't need this life!
Miroku ends up collapsing from all of the poison he takes in trying to protect Sango. As he is about to go unconscious, he whispers to Sango to forgive him for failing her. Turns out, a barrier was put up around the two of them, and eventually they are both able to regain consciousness.
Miroku: Sango. Good. You've regained consciousness. Sango, go on without me.
Sango: No! Only if you're with me!
Miroku: I think... I might have pushed myself too far... so you have to be the one who survives!
Sango: NO! If it means leaving you behind... then we'll die together!
Sango throws herself against him, and they both lay there on the ground, holding each other for a long time, awaiting their death together. This is the first time we see Sango openly express any type of emotion for Miroku. This is also the moment that she allows her walls to fall down, looking vulnerable. Miroku opens his eyes and tells her that they "won't have to die together after all" because the barrier was purifying him, saving his life. Sango gets really embarrassed thinking back on what she said, and how much she had opened up to him. However, she doesn't take it back, and the two were able to survive together after all.

There are two main lessons from these moments, as well as many others that happened thus far: Sango is able to show Miroku that, even though he was cursed with the Wind Tunnel, he will, and is, going to find someone who will love him no matter what, AND, Miroku is able to show Sango that, even though she has experienced the pain of deceit, lies, and losing her whole family, there will be, and is, someone who can show her that not everyone will abandon her in the end. They both ended up needing one another to fight the pains and burdens each shared, because without the other, they may have not been able to make it through in a positive manner.

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