Some of the following information is based off of Miroku's "official" profile and other books from InuYasha, while the rest I have gathered from watching the series. Some information may be based off of the manga version as well if stated other wise.

NAME: Miroku
APPEARANCE: Anime: Episode 16, Manga: Chapter 51
WEAPON: Wind Tunnel, Shakujo, Sutra Charms (Exorcisms)
AGE: 18 ---> 21 (at the end)
HEIGHT: 163 cm (5'5")
WEIGHT: 68.9 kg (152 lbs.)
HOME: Munshin Temple
AFFILIATION: InuYasha's Team

"Ever since he came into this world, his right hand suffered from the curse of the Wind Tunnel. Through his father's death, he saw his stark destiny with his own eyes and performed the ascetic practices of the Buddhist priesthood for decades thereafter. After gaining spiritual power and a strong mind and body, he set out alone to live as a nomad." - - InuYasha Profile Book

"Along the way, he womanized and made money by extortion through the art of Taima. He met some adventures with the power of righteousness, took up pursuit of the demonic, and continues even now on his journey to overcome his destiny" - - InuYasha Profile Book


Miroku is the Japanese name for Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future. This name was popularized by the manga/anime InuYasha, in which it was used as the name for a lecherous monk. Based on Miroku's personality, I thought that the website really portrayed him well. If you want to search a characters name, feel free to go to http://www.kabalarians.com and see what you can find about their names as well!

→ "Your name of Miroku gives you a very responsible, stable nature."
→ "Your calmness of mind enables you to analyze objectively, and to make decisions quickly, making it possible for you to do well in business or in any professional capacity."
→ "Your desire to help sometimes is not appreciated, however, because they feel you are interfering"
→ "You are fond of home and children and desire a settled environment"
→ "You have an appreciation for music and art, and could express along these lines."
→ "Mental tension could result through worrying too much over your problems or the problems of others, with an adverse effect on your nervous system."


NAME: Koji Tsujitani
SEIYUU: Japanese voice
BIRTHDAY: April 26, 1962
BIRTHPLACE: Kodaira, Tokyo
Koji Tsujitani is a Japanese voice actor credited for voicing many anime and video game characters. Tsujitani is formerly affiliated with Sigma Seven. He is currently married with Kumiko Watanabe.
      ➾ Solomon from Blood+
      ➾ Jajuka from Escaflowne
      ➾ Seabook Arno from Mobile Suit Gundam F91
      ➾ Hiroshi and Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma 1/2
      ➾ Itsuki from YuYu Hakusho

NAME: Kirby Morrow
VOICE ACTOR: English voice
BIRTHDAY: August 28, 1973
BIRTHPLACE: Jasper, Alberta
Kirby Morrow is a Canadian actor, voice actor, writer and comedian. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He frequently works with Ocean Productions, where he lends his voice for their animated productions. Morrow studied theater at Mount Royal University in Calgary.
      ➾ Billy Katagiri from Mobile Suit Gundam 00
      ➾ Gord from .hack//Roots
      ➾ Rey Za Burel from Gundam Seed Destiny
      ➾ Ur, Lolo, and Camara from Ys: The Ark of Napishtim
      ➾ Van Fanel from Escaflowne: The Movie


Miroku carries a string of beads to seal off his Wind Tunnel when he is not using it. These beads are used for Buddhist prayer and invocation. They are usually associated with a chant repeating "Amida Nyorai." The most common type has 108 beads. The nenju carried by Japanese Buddhist monks were typically made of 112 wooden beads.
The purple wrap around his arm is called a Tekko. This Tekko gets wrapped around his wind Tunnel as well to prevent it from sucking in unwanted things, and so he can simply live a normal life. He no longer wears these once his Wind Tunnel is removed in episode 26 of The Final Act.

The average robes of wandering monks tend to be very simply and almost "ratty" looking. This is because they are living a nomadic lifestyle and have little time to worry about their appearance. Compared to other monks,he wears rather expensive clothes because he spends a lot of time making money off of people. In his official profile it says he wears a Black Kimono, Ornamental cloth of the monk, and has a basic pair of sandals. On top of that, Miroku wears earrings, and has a small string to tie his hair as well.


"He calmly grasps and analyzes battle situations and deploys the most efficient methods. Also, he uses physical or spiritual power, depending on the enemy, sometimes combining them for maximum effect in his attacks. As he is proficient in both offense and defense, there are a few moments when his guard is down."

Miroku carries around a staff called a Shakujo, which was rated 2.5 stars out of 5 in his character profile. "Shakujo is a necessary item for monks. It stops attacking enemies and, because of its length, it can also be used as a striking weapon. It is particularly effective against demons when charged with psychokinesis." This staff allows Miroku to attack Demons and purify them with spiritual effects.

Because of the curse placed upon his family, Miroku has a hole in the center of his hand that sucks in anything in its path. He is able to use this "wind tunnel" as a special attack, rated 5/5 stars in his profile book. "It is a tremendous skill by which everything around him is mercilessly inhaled and banished to a different dimension. He can clear out even large troops of demons this way, but when he inhales too much demonic power at once, he becomes tired to an equal extent." He is effected by taking in poison, and therefore is damaged by Naraku's wasps. The wasps will poison him so much that it will go through out his whole body and could potentially kill him. If he uses it too much, the hole will become too big and take him in with it.

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