Some of the following information is based off of Sango's "official" profile and other books from InuYasha, while the rest I have gathered from watching the series. Some information may be based off of the manga version as well if stated other wise.

NAME: Sango
TITLE: Demon Slayer
APPEARANCE: Anime: Episode 24, Manga: Chapter 85
WEAPON: Hiraikotsu, long sword, elbow blades, and poison gas
AGE: 16 ---> 19 (at the end)
HOME: Yokai Taijiya Village
AFFILIATION: InuYasha's Team

"Sango is the only survivor of the extermination village massacred by Narkau. She goes with Kagome and her friends to kill Naraku, the enemy of her family. The body of her younger brother Kohaku is under Narakus control. Sango's design in animation is faithful to the comic." - - InuYasha Art Book

"Sango is the only survivor of the exterminator village, where all except her were massacred by Naraku's minions. Like Miroku, she hunts Naraku. She usually dresses in traditional clothes, like a village girl, but in battle she puts on her exterminator uniform." - - InuYasha Art Book

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