As Miroku weakens, Sango is forced to push herself to new expectations in order to defend both of them. However, one fight pushes her to an ultimate sacrifice: her Hiraikotsu. What is she going to do without her weapon?!

The Hiraikotsu has always been there for her through out all of her time slaying Demons, ever since she was a little kid. However, when Miroku and Sango face a challenging battle, Sango is forced to decide if destroying her weapon is worth saving Miroku. Miroku, who was already badly injured, re-opened his Wind Tunnel to protect Sango. Therefore, Sango would also do anything to protect the man she loves. Sango puts corrosive poisons on her Hiraikotsu, causing it to shrivel up after it hit the demon. Although she did save Miroku, she lost her one way of protecting him if something happens again.

Myoga suggests that Sango takes the remainder of the Hiraikotsu to the Master of Potions to be restored. Miroku agrees because he can see that Sango is suffering from losing her weapon. The Master of Potions puts the Hiraikotsu into a jug, and has Sango jump into another one. Miroku gets anxious, telling him that if she doesn't come back, he will kill him. While Sango is in the jug speaking with the demons who made up Hiraikotsu, the Master of Potions offers Miroku a semi-poisonous drink that can take away all the pain, yet will not close the hole up, when using the Wind Tunnel because that is the price he is going to have to pay to continue to protect Sango. Meanwhile, the demons of Hiraikotsu are extremely angry with Sango. They beat her up for allowing someone to poison her mind. Sango asks them to come back to her once more, and she promises not to harm them again, unless Miroku is in trouble. Eventually the demons are able to accept the fact that she would sacrifice herself if it means saving Miroku, and allow for a full restoration of her weapon. However, the Master of Potions explains that Hiraikotsu has changed in some way due to his herbs and poisons. We find out later that Hiraikotsu now has demonic-energy surrounding it, allowing her to injure Naraku with her weapon.

As seen on this page, and the previous page, weakening of Miroku, both are willing to sacrifice a lot for the other. This can be seen as both a weakness in its own, and a strength. Loving your comrade to the point that you would die for them can seem foolish, especially because if you both die, who is going to defeat Naraku? However, falling in love and being willing to do those foolish things will also potentially save everyone. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is to save the one you love.

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