Who would have thought that the lecherous Monk would come around and make a promise? If you love this relationship like I do, you probably freaked out from the special bond they promised to share together if they defeat Naraku.

Sango's feelings end up getting hurt because of Miroku's unfaithful mind, making Sango leave the village they are in. Sango becomes possessed by a demon, and ends up slashing Miroku with her knife on his cheek and arm. He holds onto her tightly, and doesn't let the blade stop him from trying to protect her. Eventually, Sango collapses, and the demon is killed. The two end up talking together afterwards, during Episode 132 of the anime, about it. Sango apologize to him for constantly getting upset, saying it's all of her fault that she ended up possessed. Miroku admits that Kagome has scolded him before, stating that his attempts with women were going to get him in trouble. Miroku asks Sango to forgive him for all that he has done. Sango, embarrassed from hearing Miroku apologize, tells him once again it was her fault for being careless, and that it had nothing to do with him. Miroku finally admits his true feelings to Sango.
Miroku: Sango, I just want you to hear my feelings. You are a very special women to me. I've never had such strong feelings for a woman as I do for you... But... But that's why I feel I cannot love you as a woman. You are my comrade and we fight alongside each other... That's how I feel.
Sango: I-I know that without you telling me! I never hoped or thought that you would love me...
Miroku: Sango!
Sango: We're finished with this conversation, right? I'm going.
Sango tries to run away, unable to control her emotions for the man who she thought just turned her down. This was a really confusing moment for her, who once thought that perhaps the two had found love in each other. Miroku, who was not actually finished speaking, doesn't let Sango leave without hearing the rest of what he had to say.
Miroku: If this battle with Naraku should end, and the curse of my Wind Tunnel is broken, and if I'm still alive... At that time will you come live with me, and bear my child?
Sango collapses onto the ground, and sobs. She couldn't believe that Miroku had just made such a bold statement to her, but she was overjoyed to hear it at the same time. It was almost like a moment of relief. Sango makes a bold statement back, and says yes! Miroku smiles, and asks her is she will have 10, no 20 babies with him. She says yes again, and then asks him if he will stop flirting with other women... Miroku is dumb and doesn't respond, making Sango get a little sassy back. The two end up smiling and sitting together by the water, with Sango's head against his shoulder.

This is the moment when the two were finally able to come out and say how they feel. It made me overjoyed to see Sango's smiling face when she heard the news that Miroku actually wanted to be with her. I think that this was the first moment since before Naraku that either of them were truly able to feel happiness again. I also think that this promise that they made gave them another push-start to take on Naraku together, so that there wishes could come true. The proposal showed that there is hope in all of the darkness that Naraku had caused them.

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