Both weakened from their long journey, Miroku and Sango take on their final battle; something they were destined to do in order to finally get revenge for what Naraku had done.

As InuYasha's gang enters Naraku's body for the final battle, Miroku pauses to propose to Sango. He tells her that if they survive this last battle, they need to stay together, forever. Miroku and Sango soon get separated from the rest of the group, and see an illusion of Miroku's father being sucked into the Wind Tunnel. Sango cries out because she now sees what could potentially happen to Miroku if his Wind Tunnel breaks during this final battle. The two hold each other close. However, Miroku tells Sango that they should split up for now because he doesn't want her to be absorbed by the tunnel if it should open up.

As Sango and Miroku go there separate ways, they are both encountered with a fake illusion created by Naraku. Naraku tries to make Miroku believe that Sango is in danger, and therefore must use his Wind Tunnel for the final time in order to protect her. Sango sees an illusion where she needs to kill Rin to save Miroku. They are both faced with difficult tasks. However, InuYasha manages to get there in time to save Miroku from dying. Sango, faced with the difficult decision, approaches Rin to kill her. Kagome pierces the false Naraku spider with her sacred arrow, allowing the illusion to disappear and Rin to fall to the ground. Sango cries out for what she was about to do in order to save Miroku.

Sango rides in on Kirara to attack Naraku and save Miroku, Kagome, and InuYasha. However, because of the immense amounts of miasma, the Hirakotsu fails, and Sango ends up falling through a hole in Naraku's flesh that he creates. Miroku quickly jumps in after her, and apologizes for ever suggesting that they should split up. They realize that they love each other too much to split up now, and decide to stick the rest of the journey out together: through life or through death. Sango looks up at Miroku and asks him to take her with him if his Wind Tunnel was to open up. They embrace each other tightly.

However, luck comes their way when Naraku's flesh opens again, and they meet up with Sesshomaru and his gang. They all join forces and go to help InuYasha fight the final battle. After Naraku's soul is destroyed by Kagome's arrow, the hole in Miroku's hand disappears. Sango and Miroku smile at each other, realizing that their fight is finally over.

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