Once Naraku is defeated, Miroku and Sango fulfill their promise and get married. Along with that marriage comes a little family and new jobs!

As you can imagine, after Miroku asked Sango a million times to bear his children, she finally did! Not just one, not just two, but THREE babies! The first pregnancy ended up with two twin girls. Three years later, they had another baby who ended up being a boy. The two of them settle down in Kaede's village together. Miroku goes out and makes money, and Sango retires as a demon slayer and stays home with the children (so we see from the last episode of the Final Act). Miroku made money by exorcising demons alongside InuYasha. However, we learn in the manga version that Sango ends up helping InuYasha and Kagome fight off a demon Ne no Kubi, asking Kohaku to babysit the children while she is gone.

The twin girls look very similar to Sango, with dark long hair and similar facial features. Their resemblance made them look like identical twins instead of fraternal ones. Their personalities are very playful, as we see in their relationship with InuYasha. They both called him "doggie," jumped all over him, and pet his ears. Although InuYasha was annoyed, he was playful back because they were the children of his dear friends. We don't see much of the son's personality because he was just born during the final episode.

I personally believe that these two would make amazing parents. Sango already had motherly instincts from her relationship with Kohaku and Kirara -- therefore I already saw her as a motherly character. Miroku seemed a bit like a player at first, but as we got to know him through out the series, we see that he was just assuming that he wasn't going to live a long life because of his curse. Miroku is a goofball, and he seems to be good at playing around with his children. I think that the children would grow up seeing two parents who genuinely love and respect each other.

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