While Sango pretends to hate when Miroku grabs her booty, she also hates it when he isn't giving her any type of attention. Their is definitely tension between the two as their relationship grows. This page will describe that tension, as well as their true intentions.

Sango becomes angry every time she sees Miroku talking to other women, yet she is unable to confess to him, or anyone, how she truly feels about him. This jealousy that she feels ends up creating a lot of tension between the two love-birds. The first time we see this is during Episode 28, when Miroku runs off with a random woman in the town they are traveling through. This is two episodes after Sango is introduced, which shows that her interest in Miroku started pretty soon after meeting him. Sango angrily watches Miroku tell a girl Koharu during Episode 41 that he can't stay with her, stating that she will "only fall deeper in love. Inuyasha grins and calls Sango out, stating that she is jealous watching Miroku give intimacy to others. Sango angrily states that it's in his imagination that she is angry.

During Episode 56, Miroku goes after a beautiful female demon in order to free the souls of the men she has trapped there. Sango gets worried, and jealous, so she runs after him. When Miroku realizes that Sango has been following him, he gives her a bracelet that will protect her from the demon. However, the two get separated shortly after, making Sango worry even more that he will do something stupid and get himself killed. Miroku is able to defeat the demon, causing Sango to feel bad for even worrying about him and his intentions. Miroku approaches Sango after the battle, and sits with her by the water. She tells him she feels stupid for following him because he handled it fine on his own. Miroku smiles and lets her know that he relies on her strength, and then asks her if she was worried about him.
Sango: Of course I was worried. When it comes to women you don't discriminate. I was sure you'd get into trouble
Miroku: Forgive me. I just couldn't ignore a woman who might be grieving.
Sango: I'm not jealous or anything!
Miroku: More than any woman, your concern for me makes me happiest.
Sango: Hey! what are you saying?!
Sango gets embarrassed when Miroku tries to talk about his feelings for her, but I kind of assume that she thinks that he is just playing with her emotions. He also always ruins their intimate discussions by grabbing or rubbing her butt, causing Sango to slap him in the face. I personally wish that there was another way Miroku could touch her to show his affection besides for on her booty or her breast! I think that a better way to depict emotions would be to grab ahold of her hand, or even her shoulder to show his support. I understand that Miroku and Sango's relationship is kind of a comedic one for the series, but it almost bothers me that we hardly see him do anything of this sort until WAY later on. Perhaps its because Miroku was unable to see how a relationship in general would work out because of his Wind Tunnel.

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