Miroku and Sango first meet while the war against Naraku had already begun. However, Sango isn't on the same page as InuYasha and gang. This page will describe how they react to finding out the pain and burdens they both have to carry together for the rest of their journey, as well as the hatred they both feel towards Naraku.

When we first encounter Sango, her village had just been destroyed by her possessed brother, Kohaku. Kohaku slaughtered all of the Demon Slayer Clan, leaving only Sango alive. Extremely injured with a huge gash on her back, Sango runs into Naraku. Naraku tells her that the person who possessed her brother, and therefore killed her family, was a half-demon named InuYasha. Outraged by the news, Sango is determined to follow Naraku to where InuYasha is, and kill him. However, she is barely able to move from her wounds. Naraku gives her a shard of the sacred jewel, allowing Sango to have the strength to fight. When Sango finally reaches InuYasha, she attacks him with all of her might, unable to realize how much she is truly bleeding. InuYasha, startled by the attack and the accusation, just tries to get her away from him. Kagome screams out that she is being tricked by Naraku. Sango begins to listen to the group, and agrees to join in on finding Naraku.

Sango, laying down to heal her wounds, is approached by Miroku who gives her sympathy on her loss. He tells her that he understands completely where she is coming from, but she must rest for now. This is the first encounter where Miroku is lecherous towards Sango, but she surprisingly doesn't get that angry.
Miroku: I understand that you want vengeance now, but you must be patient. I do understand how you feel.
Sango: Thank you. But Monk... Why do you keep stroking me as you speak?
Sango asks Shippou where Miroku had gone to, but she soon finds out that he went off with a random woman. This causes Sango to get furious, probably because previous to this he was touching her seductively. Miroku ends up getting attacked by the woman, who is really a demon, and gets injured because he uses his Wind Tunnel too much. While resting, Miroku stares at his right hand frightened. This prompts Sango to check on him, only to be groped by Miroku on her rear end. She retaliates by hitting him with a bucket (the first time she strikes!) However, this is when we begin to learn about Miroku's burden that he carries.
"A curse was put upon us during my grandfathers time. And that grandfather and then my father... were sucked up by the Wind Tunnels in their hands. In time, I, too, will be sucked up by this hole. But I made the decision to live with this curse as my strength. One human taking on demons with the Wind Tunnel. This Wind Tunnel is a weapon given to me. That's what I decided. To live strong is very difficult. To overcome uncertainty is an enormous task." - - - Miroku on his Wind Tunnel in Episode 42
Knowing about each other's burdens and pains, the two of them stick together to defeat Naraku for hurting them both. This journey is no longer just about the individual pain, but of the ones they love as well. Miroku is often seen comforting Sango after they run into a possessed Kohaku, and Sango is often worried about Miroku using his Wind Tunnel. The two of them can't simply pretend the other isn't hurting, and it's actually very sweet of both of them to put the time and effort into each other's happiness. Just because mutual hate for Naraku brought them together, their growing bond keeps them together through out the series, all the way until the very end!

Understanding that you can lean on someone, and also support someone at the same time is an amazing concept. I think this is perfectly shown between Miroku and Sango. Although Sango has a bit of an ego from time to time, she is still able to communicate her pain to Miroku. Sometimes words aren't needed to express how one feels, and they are still able to understand. I think that this shows that through all of the hurt each individual feels, there is still able to be a healthy relationship blossoming.

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