Before you can perform a Unison Attack, Kratos will need to teach you how. When the time comes, you'll be introduced to the unison attack gauge. This will be displayed above the character portraits during battle. The guage will fill up slightly each time you hit the enemy. It will fill up faster if you perform a lot of combos. The gauge carries over in battles, so you can save the unison attack for when you really need it. A unison attack can be performed by pressing the z-button when the guage is full (It turns red).

When you press the z-button, the party leader will flash and perform a simple swipe. The unison attack will only start if this swipe hits an enemy (and they don't block). As soon as this happens, you will have about 1 second to input your first command and you'll get about an additional second after that for the next command and so on. When the unison attack begins, a button interface will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Each character in the party is assigned a button. Pressing their button in conjuction with a control stick direction will have them perform the tech move assigned to that button and stick combination. If you want to change the tech assignments, you can do so in the U. Attack screen, either in the menu screen or in the battle options screen. Each character can only attack once during a unison attack, but they don't have to. Techs performed during a unison attack do not require mana.

Before you look at the list below, here are what the letters will represent:
- Lloyd (L), Colette (C), Genis (G), Kratos (K), Raine (Ra), Sheena (S), Presea (P), Zelos (Z), Regal (Re)

Cross Thrust ------>
| Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) + Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z)

Dark Serpent ------->
| Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) + Serpent Seal (S)
| Hurricane Thrust (L,K,Z)+ Serpent Seal Pinion (S)
| Super Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) +
| Serpent Seal Absolute (S)

Fiery Beast ------->
| Beast (L,P) + Eruption (G,K,Z)
| Beast (L,P) + Flame Lance (G)
| Hunting Beast (L) + Explosion (G)
| Raging Beast (L) + Explosion (G)

Lightning Tiger Blade -------->
| Tiger Blade (L) + Lightning (G,K,Z)
| Heavy Tiger Blade (L) + Thunder Blade (G,K,Z)
| Heavy Tiger Blade (L) + Spark Wave (G)
| Tiger Rage (L) + Thunder Blade (G,K,Z)
| Tiger Rage (L) + Spark Wave (G)
| Twin Tiger Blade (L) + Indignation (G)

Mirage Thrust -------->
| Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) + Mirage Seal (S)
| Hurricane Thrust (L,K,Z)+ Mirage Seal Pinion (S)
| Super Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) +
| Mirage Seal Absolute (S)

Photon Tempest ------->
| Tempest (L) + Photon (Ra)
| Psi Tempest (L) + Photon (Ra)
| Omega Tempest (L) + Photon (Ra)

Pow Blade ------->
| Tiger Blade (L) + Pow Hammer (C)
| Heavy Tiger Blade (L) + Pow Pow Hammer (C)
| Tiger Rage (L) + Pow Pow Hammer (C)
| Twin Tiger Blade (L) + Hammer Rain (C)

Power Thrust ------->
| Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) + Power Seal (S)
| Hurricane Thrust (L,K,Z) + Power Seal Pinion (S)
| Super Sonic Thrust (L,K,Z) +
| Power Seal Absolute (S)

Stardust Rain ------->
| Sword Rain: Alpha (L) + Hammer Rain (C)
| Sonic Sword Rain (L) + Hammer Rain (C)

Thunder Tiger Blade ------>
| Tiger Blade (L) + Lightning Blade (K,Z)
| Heavy Tiger Blade (L) + Lightning Blade (K,Z)
| Tiger Rage (L) + Lightning Blade (K,Z)
| Twin Tiger Blade (L) + Super Lightning Blade (K,Z)
| Demonic Tiger Blade (L) +
| Super Lightning Blade (K,Z)

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