Lloyd is a very complex character. Because of this, I decided to target some of the main aspects of his story in Tales of Symphonia. Most of this information is based off of the game version of the story, but sometimes the anime is included in these sections. Some of the information is based off of my pure opinion as well, so if you don't agree, that's okay too! This section is full of spoilers, so please be cautious here! Thanks.

- childhood - memories & growth / dirk and noishe
- acceptance - understanding & showing others that its okay to be who you are / raine and genis
- second chances - everyone deserves a second chance / sheena and zelos
- support - being a friend when needed / regal and presea
- love for life - the meaning behind ex-gems and life / mother and marble
- father - finding out who he truly is / kratos
- fighting - what's worth fighting for? / colette
- symbols - that lloyd represents / falcon, phoenix, color red

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