a first glance at the hero

NAME: Lloyd Irving
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 128 lbs
CLASS: Swordsman
RACE: Human
HAIR: Dark Brown/Short Hair
BUILD: Average
WEAPON: Two single-edged swords
"The central character of the game, Lloyd was found in the woods with Noishe when he was an infant. He now lives with his adoptive dwarf father." - Official Profile
- symphonia - basics about the game and main characters
- game vs. anime - the difference and opinions on the two
- appearance - extra appearances that Lloyd's character can be found in
- personality - basic personality overview
- name - looking into the name lloyd
- seiyuu - voice actors
- quotations - favorite quotes from both the game play and OVA
- dwarven vows - rules to live by

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