Titles are an innovative little addition to Tales of Symphonia. Think of them as little challenges made to enhance your character based on their requirements. Basically, if you have a lot of titles you're likely going to have stronger characters, so there's not just bragging rights to getting all of them. There are benefits to all titles, some more than others. The following is a list of all the titles you can achieve in Tales of Symphonia and how to obtain them:

Swordsman - Default Title
One who trains his body and soul to fight the enemy with all his might

Drifting Swordsman - Get during main scenario, after being banned from Iselia.
The boy sets out on a journey, bearing his sins. Do not forget the past.

Eternal Swordsman - Get during main scenario, after receiving the Eternal Sword.
The sword promises eternity, and its radiance will transcend time and space.

Gourmet King - Master all recipes and talk to the Wonder Chef at the Altamira Cafeteria
A charismatic master of the culinary arts with a golden tongue.

Nobleman - See costumes section
You gotta try on something new. You're always wearing what Dirk made.

Arrgh, Me Hearties - See costumes section
The ocean & humanity's first frontier. The title given to one who loves the sea.

Beach Boy - See costumes section
A snorkel, goggles, and flippers. How can you say you don't like the ocean?

Gentle Idealist - Get during main scenario, after going to Mizuho for the first time.
The ideals he holds may be unrealistic, but many are moved by his heart.

Peeping Tom - With Zelos in the party, talk to the pastor at the Hot Spring. Choose 'Females' the second time around or later.
Even if it's a false accusation, it's not good to be a peeping tom!

Midlife Crisis - Clear Uncle game in Triet after returning to Sylvarant Base.
A title for you who scrutinized the middle-aged men racing across the desert.

Sword of Swords - Complete Advanced Single Mode at the Coliseum using Lloyd.
A gladiator who fights only believing in his victory. His swordplay rallies the crowd.

Tactical Leader - Complete Party mode at the Coliseum with Lloyd in the party.
Friendship. Strength. Victory. Trust and teamwork brings ultimate glory.

Grand Swordsman - Get after reaching Level 20
The lofty spirit that lives by the sword. His skillful attacks could be called art.

Master Swordsman - Get after reaching Level 40
The demonic thrusts could create a whirlwind. The title represents his strength.

Holy Sword - Get after reaching Level 100
A man who has reached the pinnacle of battle. He commands respect from all.

Combo Newbie - Combo over 10 hits (during battle)
The title given to those who have completed a 10-hit combo.

Comboist - Combo over 30 hits (during battle)
The title given to those who have completed a 30-hit combo.

Combo Expert - Combo over 60 hits (during battle)
Combo, combo, combo! The title given to those who have completed a 60-hit combo.

Combo Master - Combo over 100 hits (during battle)
He who crosses countless hurdles and completes a 100-hit combo.

Tetra Slash - Get a combo using three different types of normal attacks and then a Lv. 1, Lv. 2, or Lv. 3 Special Attack.
Execution of the four combo attack by linking a Special Attack to a normal combo.

Brave Soul - Clear the battle with Yuan without running away from battles up to that point.
He who does not turn his back on enemies will be awarded this title.

Lone General - Get this title when fighting alone (during battle). The party must contain at least two people.
The title for a lonely warrior who gave orders when no one was there.

Boorish General - Use 10 shortcuts during battle.
Shortcuts to do this, do that & The title for the one who loves giving orders.

Gung Ho - Defeat Rodyle with 4 characters whose total combined level is 145 or less.
Who cares what level the enemy is! The title for those who love to rush in and fight.

Eternal Apprentice - Clear the Kilia battle by only using the Wooden Sword up to that point.
He who earns this title never doubts the strength of a Wooden Blade.

Berserker - Fight enemies 256 times in the hard or mania difficulty levels.
The title given to a true warrior who has an undying lust for battle.

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