The following are all of the side quests that involve Lloyd. Most of them will get you fun titles or costumes. Lloyd, being the main character, doesn't have too many personal side quests like some of the other characters have. You really discover Lloyd in the plot, not from an optional side play. Here are the following situations where you can get something extra involving Lloyd:

Desert Uncle Scramble -
Available: After beating the Remote Island Human Ranch.
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Midlife Crisis" Title, 1980 Gald
Description: This is probably the most random mini-game ever. I don't know what Namco was thinking when they put it in their game. Nonetheless, it is still fun to play. To play it, talk to the middle- aged man (you'll be seeing a lot of these) near the inn in Triet. The game goes like this: a handful of middle-aged men will walk down Triet. One will say, "I'm number 1!" another will say "I'm number 2!" etc. After each man has told you his number, they will all get in a line (NOT in order, their placement in the line is completely random). Talk to Number 1 first, Number 2 second, and whatnot. The only piece of advice I have for this game is to write down what kind of hair each person has. For example, if the Number 1 guy has an afro, write down "Afro - 1." If the number two guy has a mohawk, write down "Mohawk - 2." If you talk to a man in the wrong order, he'll get angry at you and the game ends. If you are patient enough to correctly classify 100 men, Lloyd receives the "Midlife Crisis" Title. If you have WAY too much time on your hands, you can complete the game completely and win a measly 1,980 Gald.

The Restoration of Luin -
Available: After Raine heals Pietro's sickness.
Prize(s): Lloyd, Sheena, and Raine Statues in Luin
Description: Even though those dirty Desians destroyed Luin and took all of its residents prisoner, you can still rebuild the city by donating money to Pietro. First you must heal Pietro in Hima by forming a pact with Undine and obtaining the Unicorn Horn. Afterwards, Pietro will stand near Luin's entrance taking donations to rebuild the city. You most donate money in certain increments for the town to be rebuilt. For example, you must donate 5,000 Gald the first time and 12,000 the second. You cannot, however, donate 17,000 at a time. Only 5,000 of that 17,000 would be used. Additionally, you must leave Luin and come back in between each donation for Luin to improve. After the eleventh donating stage, the Weapon Shop begins selling each character's second most powerful weapon (not including the Devil's Arms) for 40,000 Gald each.

Trouble at the Hot Springs -
Available: After the Flanoir Doctor scenes (Zelos must be in the party).
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Peeping Tom" Title.
Description: To activate this strange, yet funny event, fly to the Hot Springs and talk to the pastor to let the females take a dip in the spa. While they are in there, Zelos peeks at them like the perv he is. Lloyd observes him doing this, so he scolds Zelos. The girls hear voices coming from Lloyd and Zelos, so they get out of Hot Spring. Zelos quickly runs from the scene, leaving Lloyd to take the blame. During this event, Colette receives her "Ironing Board" title and Sheena obtains her "WOW!" title. Lloyd gets the "Peeping Tom" title.

Dance Party -
Available: After completing the "Princess Hilda Has Been Kidnapped" quest, and after the Flanoir Doctor scenes. (Zelos must be in the party.)
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Nobleman" Title
Description: If you have completed the side-quest involving the princess, talk to Zelos' butler in Meltokio after the Flanoir Doctor events. He tells the party that they are having a dance party at the castle. Everyone but Lloyd's costume for the party has arrived. Head over to the castle where Lloyd receives his "Nobleman" title, which changes his costume to formal attire. In the next scene, a lady tells you that there is a character waiting for you inside. A list of all the characters shows up, so choose the character in which you want to also receive their fancy costume. Once you're in the ballroom, talk to three other characters. They will each get a new title and a new costume.

Bathing Suits! -
Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor events. (Zelos must be in the party.)
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Beach Boy" Title
Description: Take a trip to Altamira and talk to the lady in front of the hotel. She tells you that her four daughters are missing, and all are somewhere in Altamira. First go to the end of the beach and speak to the little girl there. She will go back to her mother in front of the hotel. Next, take the elemental railway to the amusement park and talk to the little girl there. She won't budge. So return to the main area and talk to the mother again. Now return to the little runt at the theme park and talk to her again. This time she'll return back to the mother. For the third daughter, go to the second floor of the hotel and speak to the little girl while Zelos is the on- screen character. She'll return to her mother. For the fourth and final kid, go to the smoothie bar on the beach. Talk to the girl there. She says that she'll return to her mother now that her three sisters have. Talk to the mother again for a thank you. She also tells you that she has some presents prepared for the party in the hotel. So enter the hotel and talk to the lady at the front desk. Lloyd will receive a bathing suit, as well as the "Beach Boy" Title. The front desk lady also gives you a choice for one other character to get their bathing suit. Additionally, the two characters that like you the most will receive bathing suits and titles.

Arggh, Me Hearties -
Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes, and after you have paid the 11th donation to rebuilding Luin.
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Arggh, Me Hearties" Title
Description: Talk to the pirate standing near the boat in Luin. He'll offer to sell his boat to Lloyd for 3,000 Gald. Agree to this deal. The pirate will disappear and Raine will realize that Lloyd had been cheated. Leave Luin and come back. The pirate Aifread will be standing there again. He offers Lloyd a new deal to look for the Spiritua Ring. Agree to his terms to receive Lloyd's "Arggh, Me Hearties" Title. When Lloyd uses this title, he dresses up as a pirate! Next, head to the following Houses of Salvation in this order: Asgard, Iselia, Palmacosta, and Thoda Geyser Dock. You'll end up obtaining the Spiritua Ring, which is what the pirate Aifread asked you to find. Fly over to Hima and talk to Aifread in the graveyard. Give him Lyla's Letter that you received a long long time ago in the first few hours of the game. (If you do not have this letter, then you missed it at the beginning of the game and cannot complete the rest of this side-quest.) Aifread will give you a letter to give to Lyla. Take this letter to Lyla in Izoold, and she tells you that it says the party is going to pay her the 100,000 Gald that Aifread owed her. To make this money, sell the Spiritua Ring to the old man at Hakonesia Peak. To finally finish this side-quest, talk to Max at the Izoold dock to get Aifread's Hat.

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