The following quotes are all found during the in-battle scenarios from the game Tales of Symphonia, GameCube version. They are split up into Pre-Battle Quotes, Technique Quotes, Winning Quotes, and Other. There are also Damage Quotes and Death Quotes. At the bottom, there are Ending quotes as well. At the very bottom are group quotes that involve Lloyd.
The Ending quotes are separated (not shown) into three types: Normal Status, Critical status, and special endings that coincide with the story. If you don't want any spoilers, skip the third sections.

Pre-Battle Quotes:

"This is gonna be a piece of cake."
"All right, let's go!"
"Don't let up!"
"Let's go all out!"
"Lets do the usual."
"Reinforcements huh?" (same battle twice)
"This is gonna be tough." (Underleveled)
"Wow! There's a lot of them!" (large group)
"Holy Cow!" (large enemy)

Tech Quotes:

"Leave it to me!" (commanded)
"It's not working!" (Ineffective spell)
"Watch this!"
"Take this!" (unlisted Tech)
"I'll show you....Divine Justice!"
"Watch this!"

Attack Quotes:

"Like that?"
"Didn't like that, huh?"
"Here we go!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"You ready?" (Unison Attack)
"O.K." (overlimit)
"Not a chance!" (taunt)
"Come on, bring it!" (taunt)

Other Quotes:

"Not a chance!" (Opponent's spell)
"You okay?" (giving item)
"Thanks!" (Recieving item)
"There!" (Using Item on Self)
"Let's get out of here!" (escape start)
"Gotta know when to go!" (escape end)
"Forget what I said about running!" (escape cancel)
"Let's go guys!" (Guard Strategy)
"I'm counting on you guys!" (All Out Strategy)
"Okay, let's do the usual!" (Reserve Strategy)
"That's enough, guys!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)

Damage Quotes:

"Pretty good..."
"No way!" (Guarding)
"We have to think of something!" (critical)

Death Quotes:

"I'm sorry...Dad..."
"You're gonna pay!"
"No...I don't believe this!"

End Battle Quotes: SPOLIERS

"Just as I expected"
"All right!"
"That was way too easy."
"It just wasn't your day."
"I was just warming up."
"That was easy. *Yawn*"
"Not bad, am I?"
"You picked the wrong guy to mess with."

"*pant* *pant* Did...did we win?"
" everyone all right?"

"I did it...I've avenged my mom!" (Kvar with Kratos in party)
"Mom, I hope you were watching..." (Kvar without Kratos in party)
"I know you were holding back!" (Kratos)
"I...won't lose to you!" (Kratos)
"We trusted you..." (Zelos)
"It's not over yet..." (Mithos)
"Goodbye...Mithos" (Ultimate Mithos)

Group Quotes Involving Lloyd

Lloyd: "Colette...need cure for poison..."
Colette: "Oh, I'm not poisoned, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "No...I"

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Colette: "You were great Lloyd!"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Heh heh..."

Lloyd: "Victory..."
Colette: "..belongs to..."
Sheena: "...the most..."
Zelos: "...Sexy! Dead Sexy!"

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Kratos: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Eew..."

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Zelos: "You're the best!"
Lloyd: "It just isn't the same..."

Lloyd: "How's that?"
Kratos: "Overconfidence breeds carelessness."
Raine: "You need to focus!"
Lloyd: "...I'm sorry...."

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Presea: "You were amazing, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "heh heh..."

Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "The enemy has been defeated. We should move on."
Lloyd: "Cold..."

Lloyd: "Look at Mr. President, strutting his stuff."
Regal: "Ugh..."
Lloyd: "Hahaha! You're turning red!"

Colette: "Heh heh heh... I'll protect everyone!"
Lloyd: "Thanks, Colette!"

Colette: "Wow Lloyd, you looked really cool!"
Genis: "I'm starting to wonder about your tastes, Colette."
Lloyd: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Genis: "Dwarven Vow number 7..."
Colette: "...Justice and love will always win!"
Lloyd: "Ugh... I hate that saying!"

Raine: "Lloyd, I want you to remember that enemy's weakness. "
Lloyd: "Aw man, you're making me study here, too?"

Kratos: "Let's hurry on."
Lloyd: "Man...I didn't get to do anything..."

Sheena: "Are my Seal Spells amazing or what?"
Lloyd: "Yeah, Your moves are definitely awesome."

Zelos: "No one can stand against the great Zelos!"
Lloyd: "You mean no one can stand you."
Zelos: "Lloyd, that was seriously harsh."

Zelos: "See that? Super Zelos' attack is invincible."
Lloyd: "So who should we fight next?"
Genis: "How about that red-headed Chosen Guy?"
Zelos: "Whoa, whoa, you're kidding right?"

Presea: "Enemy defeated"
Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "Uh...Thank you!"

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