Shortly after leaving Iselia, EX Skills and Compound EX Skills are introduced. These gameplay mechanics can have a huge impact on the usefulness of your char- acters, but that's usually not until much later in the game. In the beginning, they don't do much good.

Each character can equip up to four EX Gems. These are found in treasure chests throughout the game, dropped by bosses, or purchased from Gem Katz in Triet, Palmacosta, Asgard, and Hima. I highly recommend against purchasing them from the Katz because they cost precious grade, which is better spent elsewhere.

Standard EX Skills:

Level 1 -

Strong (S) -----------> Increases Strength
Tough (S) -----------> Increases Defense
Taunt (T) -----------> Press Z during battle to taunt enemies and fill the Unison Bar by a little
Sharp-eyed (T) -----------> Increases Accuracy

Level 2

Vitality (S) -----------> Increases max HP
Personal (S) -----------> Increases movement speed in towns and dungeons
Dodge (T) -----------> Increases Evade
Dash (T) -----------> Increases movement speed in battle

Level 3

Eternal (S) -----------> Does nothing on its own, but part of many Compound EX Skills
Guard Plus (S) -----------> Decreases damage taken while guarding
Spirit (T) -----------> Increases max TP
Add Combo (T) -----------> Increases the basic combo from three hits to four

Level 4

Immunity (S) -----------> Sometimes avoid getting a status ailment from an enemy attack
Ability Plus (S) -----------> Able to link two level 1 techs together
Sky Combo (T) -----------> Able to do three basic attacks in midair
Follow-up (T) -----------> Increases enemy stagger time

Compound EX Skills:

NAME -----------> REQUIRED EX SKILLS -----------> EFFECT

EX Attack
/ Strong (level 1) Increases damage to guarding \ Tough (level 1) enemies

EX Defend
/ Dodge (level 2) Sometimes avoid staggering \ Vitality (level 2) when hit

L. Unison
/ Taunt (level 1) Unison bar might stay full \ Personal (level 2) after a Unison Attack

/ Guard Plus (level 3) Quickly attack after guarding \ Follow-up (level 4)

Phys. Status
/ Immunity (level 4) No physical ailments \ Eternal (level 3)

Over Limit
/ Eternal (level 3) Over limits last longer \ Personal (level 2)

R. Arts
/ Sharp-eyed (level 1) Able to attack while in mid- \ Sky Combo (level 4) air when recovering from knockdown

T. Guard
/ Strong (level 1) Sometimes avoid staggering \ Taunt (level 1) while taunting

Life Up
/ Vitality (level 2) Occasionally increase max HP \ Eternal (level 3) by 0.5% after battle

Spirit Up
/ Spirit (level 3) Occasionally increase max TP \ Eternal (level 3) by 0.5% after battle

T. Cancel
/ Dodge (level 2) Cancel a taunt by guarding \ Taunt (level 1)

Quick Turn
/ Dash (level 2) Quickly turn around when \ Tough (level 1) running in battle

B. Guard
/ Dash (level 1) Sometimes avoid staggering \ Sharp-eyed (level 1) while backstepping

Unison Force
/ Eternal (level 3) Unison Attacks do more damage \ Tough (level 1)

/ Dodge (level 2) Slowly recover TP during \ Spirit (level 3) battle if you stand still

Critical Up
/ Strong (level 1) Increase chances of landing \ Personal (level 2) a critical hit

Sky Attack
/ Sky Combo (level 4) Use certain techs in midair \ Ability Plus (level 4) like O. Tempest and Rising F.

Run Away!
/ Dash (level 2) Decrease time needed to run \ Taunt (level 1) away

Exp Plus
/ Taunt (level 1) Increase experience earned by | Eternal (level 3) maybe 5% \ Personal (level 2)

Jump Combo
/ Sharp-eyed (level 1) Can continue a basic combo | Add Combo (level 3) after landing \ Follow-up (level 4)

Aerial Guard
/ Guard Plus (level 3) Guard while in the air | Immunity (level 4) \ Sky Combo (level 4)

/ Spirit (level 3) Reduce TP consumption by 10% | Add Combo (level 3) \ Follow-up (level 4)

C. Combo
/ Guard Plus (level 3) Able to link techs to a | Follow-up (level 4) counter \ Ability Plus (level 4)

Self Cure
/ Immunity (level 4) Automatically recover from | Tough (level 1) status effects after a bit \ Vitality (level 2)

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