In battle, Lloyd is probably the best and easiest character to control. He doesn't have the highest HP of all the characters, but he is extremely strong, well-defended, and quick. Add to that, his HP is pretty good. Lloyd isn't really that much of a magic user due to the fact that his classification is swordsman. However, he has some of the most powerful skills in the game, as well as quite the versatile set of moves. There are plenty of ways to use Lloyd, but most of the time you must be up-close to the enemy. This causes his HP to drop quickly, so be sure there is a good healer in the party so that Lloyd doesn't keep fainting!

Now onto his basic attacks. His attacks are fast, strong, and with a rather long-range. Being the male protagonist of the game, he's made to be easily controlled, so you won't be having any trouble controlling him through the whole game (like you're supposed to). His basic attacks are the following:
- A: Downwards vertical slash with his right weapon
- ^ A: Uppercut slashing with his left weapon
- <- -> A: Upward vertical slash with his right weapon
- v A: Thrusts his left weapon

Basically, the best way to use Lloyd is to be sure you update his armor, his weapons, his titles, and his ex-gems. If you have all of those on the highest setting - you are all good to go. If you check out my techniques page, you can read how to get higher level attacks which do more damange but take more TP, unfortunately. I would definitely recommend going out onto the map and training against the random little monsters that you can fight. Practice makes perfect, right? Lloyd is pretty easy to use, like I pointed out above. He attacks quickly because he has two swords. He is pretty good at everything since he's the default character.

To use Falcon Crest, equip the Material Blade and the Eternal Swordsman title and push X+A+B together while HP is in red.

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