Lloyd actually is a complex character, but this isn't immediately obvious since he tends to be kind of a show-off. Although he has a passionate soul, he shows two antagonistic tendencies within his strong personality. He can be an introvert when he is calm, thoughtful, and patient. But he can also be an extrovert because he is mobile, changeable, excitable and an independent individual who loves with freedom and pleasure. He sometimes can lack constraints and doesn't always understand restrictions. He is therefore a very ambiguous man whose actions are not necessarily always right. Indeed, Lloyd can appear to have a split personality, alternating as he does between these two different aspects of himself according to the changing cycles of his journey. He is rather impressive, though, due to his firm resolution, strong-will and determination. For him, it's give your all or nothing. Lloyd certainly isn't one for doing things by halves. He likes to be independent and can be a rather reasonable person, but nevertheless is often tempted to flirt with danger.

I think what attracts me to Lloyd is the fact that he is really determined. I like how hard he works to achieve a goal, even if it isn't working out in his favor at all times. He pushes himself to be the best person he can be, even if he has to struggle to achieve excellence. Through out the journey, Lloyd opens his eyes to the world and realizes he no longer can be so childish. He realizes this because the journey he has chosen to take puts him into a true life or death situation. He learns how to interact with others, and attempts to put his air-headed personality traits behind him. Lloyd has great self-esteem when things go his way, but can be extremely hard on himself if he falls behind. Though he attempts to hide it, Lloyd has a soft side. This is why he gets easily frustrated at times throughout the story when things go wrong. He tends to blame himself if someone gets hurt, especially if that someone is Colette. He prides himself in his talents, and sometimes can get overly cocky. This cockiness, as Kratos has said before, is his downfall. He grows up though, and learns how to control it and himself.

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