Visitor # to Rising Falcon, a tribute and fanlisting to the character Lloyd Irving from the Tales of Symphonia series. This shrine is brought to you by Megan, an obsessed fan-girl, housing much love for Lloyd. The navigation is self explanatory and found towards the upper left. Information will lead you to information on Lloyd from the game and anime portion of Tales of Symphonia. Spoilers will be unmarked, so please be aware of what sections you are viewing. Fanlisting will lead you to a section where you can join and show that you are a fan of Lloyd Irving. If you have a website you can put a button up to show you are an official fan. Media is where you can find lots of goodies to show your love for Lloyd. Finally, xxxx will bring you back here! There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine. If you aren't looking to be spoiled, please be cautious of what pages you read. Please enjoy your stay~