Akito and Kyou met when they were both very little. To find out more information on Kyou's early childhood interactions with Akito, check out the childhood page! Below I will be talking about Kyou's interactions with Akito as he got older, and how she eventually ends up saving him.

Akito gets angry seeing Kyou laughing and smiling with Tohru, so she summons him to chat one day. She asks him if he has forgotten their bet, which was that if Kyou couldn't beat Yuki by the time high school was over, he would be locked away forever. She comments on how it's almost time for him to be locked up, so he should be cautious of finding happiness in someone else. Kyou get's angry and asks her how she can decide his fate on her own when there is plenty of time left for him to prove her wrong. She laughs in his face, stating that there is no way Kyou could ever defeat Yuki, or anyone for that matter. She tells him he is the one who doesn't understand what is going on, and throws a dangling ornament at his face, leaving a mark. Here we see Akito getting jealous that Kyou has found happiness and she has not. He is the cat, after all, who was suppose to make everyone else feel better about themselves, and yet watching Kyou with Tohru makes Akito feel worse. After seeing Kyou with something that she can't have, she punishes him more with physical and mental abuse. She reminds him that he is the reason that his mother was killed, and that he is, and always will be a monster that needs to be put in its place. She tells him, "You're better off dead than alive! No matter how you think about it, if you hadn't existed... the world would be a much happier place!" He tries to justify in his mind that Tohru is there for him, but of course Akito pushes that thought down. Kyou yells at her, saying that she wasn't there and therefore she couldn't see the fear on Tohru's face when he transformed, fear that she would lose Kyou forever if she had let go of him. Akito smiles and calls Kyou out for liking Tohru and not being satisfied with the relationship he has with her. Akito figures that the only way to have power over Kyou now is to make fun of his love life. She tells him that the relationship between Tohru and himself would work because they are both monsters. She tells Kyou that he will never be forgiven, especially not after dragging "that woman into all of this," creating a bigger mess. After Kyou breaks down inside, Akito fake-comforts him, telling him that she really really does like him, and she needs him to obey her wishes. She tells him to "live through the rest of [his] life in a 'well-behaved' manor, for the remaining time [he has] left 'outside.'" She hugs him tightly with a grin on her face, as Kyou looks angrily down at the floor. The feelings that Akito gives are clearly fake, and this just irritates and worries Kyou more than anything. We see that Akito is extremely abusive to Kyou because she 1) hits him in the face with an object, 2) makes fun of him, 3) makes fun of the girl he clearly loves, 4) uses kind words and then twists it into reminding him that he will do as she says (and get locked away forever).

When Akito re-writes the Zodiac story, the cat is apart of the banquet now, making it 13 animals and God. The cat asks God if he could stay by his side, making God very happy. From that day on, the two became best friends. God realized (s)he could make more friends if (s)he had other animals around, so (s)he sent out many invitations in order to have the banquet. Twelve animals showed up, eager to meet and see God. All 13 animals and God had a large feast under the moonlight every night, laughing and having fun together. After some time, the cat collapsed, his life had come to an end. Knowing that there is nothing that anyone could do - they all cried. God casted a spell, creating a small bowl of water. God had the cat take a sip of the water, bringing him back to life. God turned to everyone else and said "Let us Make our Friendship Last for Eternity" no matter how many times they die, no matter how many times they are reborn, let us be in eternal bliss. With that, the curse was uplifted. Kyou looks up into the sky and sheds a tear, ripping off his beads. Although we never see another interaction between Kyou and Akito, it is assumed that Kyou was able to forgive her for what she had done to him after she had the cat chambers destroyed so that Kyou could never be locked away.

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