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100 x 100 - 6 avatars


small sprites - 2 adoptables


Print out and color - 2 pages


I thought it might be fun to add some additional links to games and quizzes that involve Kyou. Click on each link will re-direct you to a new page with the game or quiz. Feel free to send back your personal results and we can list some on here as well! If you know any other good quizzes or games that you think should be added, please feel free to email me and let me know!

Dress Up Game - The following link will bring you to a dress up game, where you will be able to dress Tohru, Kyou, Yuki, and Shigure. At the end, all of them will be placed on a background of your choice. You are able to download this image after you are done. Enjoy!

Fruit Basket Game - The following link will bring you to the rules and guidelines to play Fruit Basket. This is the game that Tohru played in elementary school, where she was called the "rice ball." This is the game that the story was based off of, so I thought it would be a nice addition to add this here. Enjoy!

What Character Are You? - The following link will bring you to a quiz to find out which Fruits Basket Character you are most like. When I took the quiz, my number one result was Saki Hanajima. What did you get?! Enjoy!

Fruits Basket Trivia - The following link will bring you to a trivia quiz to see how much you really know about Fruits Basket. It is a pretty easy quiz, so I hope you do well! I got 100%! Enjoy!

Fruits Basket Dating Quiz - The following link will bring you to a quiz to see which male character you should date. When I took the short quiz, I ended up with Kyou! How exciting! My second match was Shigure... hmmm. Enjoy!
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