Outsiders thought that Kyou's mother had a bigger burden than Kyou for bearing the child who was cursed with the year of the cat. She tried to keep her head up for a long time, and would always "defend," Kyou from other Sohma's and even her husband. She would always tell Kyou that she loved him so much, and that he was just a special boy. When Kyou's true form would show, she would tell him she wasn't afraid. However, her actions made it seem otherwise. She would lock up him in the house, and didn't let him see the outside world. This included no TV, friends, or playing outside. Although it was true that Kyou's mom tried her best, her downfall was that she wasn't honest with him. She didn't try to understand how her son must feel, she just focused on her own shame and pain. She didn't try to tell him that she was afraid of him, she just covered it up. All of this eventually led to her death. She wrote a note saying that if Kyou was born the year of the rat, things may have been easier. After the note, she committed suicide. Her death created a whole new type of pain and suffering for Kyou. She was selfish until the very end of her life, leaving Kyou to be hated more and even blamed for the death of his own mother. This created anger in the young child's eyes, fueling his childhood to be in shambles.

From flashbacks, we see that Kyou's father wasn't just embarrassed of him, but his wife as well. He would yell at her for protecting Kyou so much, and bringing even more shame to the family. After her death, instead of considering his own actions, he pointed the finger at Kyou. He told everyone that he deserved the ultimate punishment for being born and destroying his family and his life. I truly believe that the anger that Kyou's father constantly possessed rubbed off on Kyou. Kyou began to feel like the only way you can deal with your emotions is by getting angry and blaming others for something that you have done. Obviously Kyou didn't kill his mother, she chose to kill herself. But she killed herself because of the lack of support and love from her husband. If Kyou's father had been more supportive of both of them, like say Kagura's family, then I bet all of their lives could of been better. Having only this man as a role model, Kyou continues to get angrier and angrier as his childhood goes on. He begins to blame and hate other people around him, saying it's THEIR fault, not his! Kyou's father was mentally and emotionally abusive, and should have been jailed for what he did and said to his only son, as well as his own wife.

When Kyou and Akito first met, Akito forced Kyou to take off his beaded bracelet, which unleashed his true form. Akito was startled and disgusted by what she saw, and made Kyou feel even worse about who he was. Akito told him the cats true form "smells like something is rotting," and is "so ugly and un-proportional." Akito knew that all of the zodiac had to listen to what she said, and were forced to love her, so she told Kyou exactly how she felt about him. She was not considerate of his feelings at all. She also was quick to blame Kyou for killing his mother as well, but didn't sentence him to live in the cat chambers until later on as they grew up. Akito's opinions of Kyou matter because she is God. God has the ultimate say of what people think about Kyou. I feel like if Akito was kinder and more loving as a child, she could have saved Kyou from a lifetime of hurt and pain. However, she was full of power, and used it to put him and everyone else down. Kyou wasn't the only one victimized by Akito, but he was shamed and hated more because of her. I also don't think that just because Akito was God she deserved to see the true form of the cat. She basically unclothed him, making him open and vulnerable to attack and then did so. This would be a horrible thing for anyone of any age to deal with, but especially a young child who is still developing social skills. Being shunned even more by Akito, Kyou's anger began to rise even more.

Kyou started off hating Yuki because, well... he was told that it was his duty to hate the rat from the start of time. However, the real hate started when he was constantly being put down upon by all of the zodiacs. Basically, they weren't lucky enough to be born the rat, but hey, at least they weren't the cat! If Kyou took the time to get to know young Yuki, he would have found out that Yuki was a really sweet and shy little boy. Yuki never wanted to be on bad terms with anyone, and hated being a zodiac just as much as everyone else. However, Kyou had so much anger built up that he was unable to see past it, and hated Yuki regardless. Kyou made it his life goal to defeat the rat so that he could find a place in the zodiac and become accepted for who he was. Seeing this type of rage in a small child just proves to you how badly his mindset was messed up from his parents, Akito, and the other Sohmas. I feel like Kyou and Yuki could have been really great friends because even they were both on the opposite ends of the respect spectrum, they both were alone. Yuki attempts to make amends with Kyou once when he saw Kyou drop his hat, but he wasn't able to find Kyou to give it back because he was distracted by a lost girl, Tohru. He ended up giving the hat to Tohru which prohibited an opportunity for Yuki to give it back.

All of these characters had a negative impact on Kyou as a child. They were people he met at a significant age for self-love and self-acceptance, who happened to make him hate himself and others. As we can tell, Kyou definitely didn't have an easy childhood. However, there is always some light at the end of the dark tunnel. Kyou eventually was able to meet three people who changed his world around during his childhood days. They helped to eliminate some of the bottled up anger that was inside his heart. Read the next page to find out who they were, and what they did to help!
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