Chain of Memories delivers an entirely new adventure and sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Donald and Goofy travel through many vast and colorful worlds in search of their missing companions. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second game in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts, and its ending is set about a year before Kingdom Hearts II. The story centers around the protagonist of the first game, Sora, exploring a mysterious castle in search of his friends. As he ascends the castle, his friend and rival, Riku, explores the basement levels and fights his inner darkness. The game introduces new characters and plotlines that further expand the Kingdom Hearts universe and set up the premise for Kingdom Hearts II.

"No. 11 in the Organization. Marluxia lured Sora to Castle Oblivion in hopes of using his power to seize the Organization. He orderd Namine to alter Sora's memories, and fooled Vexen into challenging him. All was going according to plan, but Marluxia's scheme dissolved when Axel set Namine free. Marluxia was ultimately destroyed by Sora." - Square Enix

Marluxia is apart of The Organization, which is a group of Nobodies. Each member wears a black hooded cloak, with a specific element and number/ranking. The Organization studies the heart in attempt to unlock the secrets behind it. The main goal of the Organization is to become fully human again. "Once we obtain Kingdom Hearts we will become complete beings!" - Xaldin

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