The following information is the way Marluxia interacts with Sora in the video game version of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Different games give off different information with this relationship. To view Marluxia's relationship with Sora in other games, try each individual section in the main navigation above.

Marluxia works with Larxene and Axel to overthrow the Organization. He uses Namine to deceive Sora into thinking he had sworn to protect her. Marluxia wants to use Sora to help them defeat the senior Organization members. Marluxia thinks that the keyblades power could overthrow anything, hence why he tries to manipulate Sora's memories.

In the beginning of the plan, Marluxia, being the leader of the rebel group, orders everyone else to do the dirty work. They all lure him further into the castle. Marluxia orders Vexen to murder Sora, but he loses the battle to Sora. Marluxia sends Axel to kill Vexen.

Sora soon becomes Marluxia's "puppet", or at least that is how Axel puts it. Sora pursues Marluxia into his inner chambers. Marluxia orders Namine to completely erase Sora's memory and destroy his heart, hoping to rebuild him into something more to his liking afterward. However, Namine, remembering Sora's kindness towards her, flat-out refuses the order, even when faced with death. Marluxia is perplexed when Sora orders Namine to do so for her own safety, and even more so when the revived Riku Replica attacks. Confused and irritated that Sora and the replica would accept their memories of Namine with the full knowledge that they are lies, Marluxia attacks them. Sora destroys Marluxia, but finds that the real Marluxia had been hiding in a back room and that his opponent had only been a clone.

Sora advances into the final room to confront Marluxia, who has combined with his Specter in both Grim Reaper and Angel of Death-like forms. Sora defeats him again in the story line's final battle, with Marluxia trying to reach Sora, but then fading in a flurry of flower petals, making him the fourth Organization member to fall.

"The Keyblade's power... How I've longed to make it my own!"

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