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Welcome to Azalea, a tribute dedicated to Marluxia from the video game and manga series, Kingdom Hearts. This shrine is brought to you by Megan, a fan of the in-depth character. The navigation is self explanatory and found above. There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine (basically every single page), so please be cautious when scrolling through. Please enjoy your stay~

Marluxia is one of my favorite Organization XIII members. Although his role is limited, he is definitely a fascinating character to watch. Marluxia is very self-absorbed, so he often does things that will only benefit himself. Although he prides himself in honoring the Organization, he is the first to create a rebellion group against it. Because of this, Marluxia turns out to be a very interesting character to follow throughout his appearances. Please feel free to read more about my opinions, as well as facts in the information section.

This layout is version 4, featuring a scan of Marluxia that I found on Minitokyo. This layout was created on September 5th, 2016. I cropped the image down from a larger image that also included Axel and Larxene, and added some brushes that were created on Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac. The font used for the title was Mesquite Std, and the navigation was in Mistress. To look at previous layouts, or other layouts created by me, feel free to check out my layout archive! Thanks for looking around.

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