The photo to the right was taken by my, and also happens to be of me, wearing a cute pair of Harem Pants created by The Elephant Pants. Normally I am very hesitant to buy clothing from animal organizations, simply because you really don't know where the money you are spending is going. Many times, most of your donation will go to the organization itself, NOT the animals! However, after doing some research on this organization, I felt like it was very safe to promote my money, and my time, in this company! This organization was created back in 2014 when two guys were working with elephants. They realized that these beautiful giants needed to be protected by us because of how much the human race was destroying everything they needed.
"Since 1950, African elephants have lost over 50% of their range and only 20% of the remaining land is protected"
Right now, only about 10 percent of every purchase is going towards the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). This money helps not only the animals, but also gives the Ranger Program the equipment and education they need to help safe the elephants. However, over 1,000 rangers have been murdered in Africa by poachers in the past decade! Therefore, all the money and support we can give them is vital to the success of our elephants. Within two years, since the program opened, they have succeeded in donating over $105,000 to the AWF, and the numbers are going up!

So, how can you help? Well for starters, log onto The Elephant Pants official website and browse the items they are selling and purchase! Not only will you be giving money directly to the cause, but you will have some new cute tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and even tapestries to show off!


→ Every year on World Elephant Day (August 12th, 2016) there are huge discounts all over the web that will donate money to different foundations. Make sure to always use google on this day to look up great foundations and donate!
→ If you are a big fan of writing, you should try writing opinion pieces on your blog, for a local newspaper, or for your college! Write about the issues that are going on. Education is always key!
→ Join in on this amazing website, Elephant Voices.org, where you can get so much information and learn how to spread it via Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, etc!
→ STOP PURCHASING THINGS MADE WITH REAL IVORY! Is a beautiful pendent made from ivory worth the destruction of elephants and rhinos? I don't think so!
→ Volunteer or support (financially if you can) Elephant conservatories! Make sure they are real conservatories though before you do this. The experience will be amazing, and you'll also have a close connection to these beautiful creatures! I know that my college offered trips over Winter Break to do things like this, so check out yours if you can!
→ Don't go to the circus if they have wild animals performing during their shows. Just because elephants have been deemed illegal in the circus (2016), doesn't mean that we should be supporting the use of lions, bears, dogs, horses, etc!
→ Support your local zoo's elephant foundation. Learn what the elephants closest to your home need and figure out a way to donate. You can start a fundraiser in your local environment and raise money for this, which will always be a great way to build community!
→ Adopt an elephant (symbolically) through Defenders.org. 97% of the funds go right to the elephants and programs, while 3% goes to fundraising.
→ Finally, talk to your local zoo to make sure they aren't importing elephants from the wild. We should not be taking healthy animals out of the wild any longer! If animals are now born in captivity, they most likely wouldn't survive in the wild, and therefore it makes sense to keep them at the zoo for informational purpose and to spread awareness to me and you! However, there is no reason to search for more animals in the wild.


Make sure to check out these organizations! My tribute to elephants is more personal, and just giving off facts, whereas these organizations actually fight for the cause monetarily! It is very important to check out these websites and donate when you can!
- African Wildlife Foundation
- Elephant Voices
- International Elephant Foundation
- S.A.F.E
- Save the Elephants
- The Elephant Pants
- World Elephant Day

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