Oops! I guess this time I am materialized as a Caster?

Cu Chulainn has a Prototype appearance in the Fate series. His role can be seen in Fate/Extella, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Prototype, and Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. Still summoned in the Lancer Class, Cu is a younger version of himself, said to be about 20 years old. Because of his immature nature and younger body, Cu has a different outlook on the world than "the other one" does. It becomes hard for him to accept that the world is unfair, which pushes him to be as just as he can in the world. His love for battle gets him into a bit of trouble from time to time, but he continues to fight for what he believes is right.


The following information will continuously grow as my Caster grows in the Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game. Although I love Cu a lot, I have only gotten my Caster version of him to the third ascension, so I have yet to be granted the "final ascension" stage. Therefore, I have placed that in black and white until I have it in my game as well.

MAX HP: 6,871 | | MAX ATK: 4,698 | | COST 7
CURRENT BOND LVL: 5/10 (Next: 240,815)
A Hero of the Celtic legends of Ulster. A member of the Red Branch Knights and the most formidable warrior of Ulster. He's the hero who wields a lance inherited from his mentor Scathach, Lord of the Land of Shadows. He is also a formidable user of Runes - a Magecraft based from Norse legends.

Cu Caster has three skills that can be used and leveled up during battle. My Caster currently has three out of the three skills in place. The skills I currently have will have descriptions and an image:

Rune Spell A Lv. 1

- - Increase Critical Strength (3 turns) & Debuff Resists (3 turns) for yourself
This skill is extremely important because it helps Caster to increase his attack power during critical attacks. He also is able to resist enemies putting things such as poison or burns on him through debuff resist.

Protectoin from Arrows A Lv. 2

- - Apply Evade (3 times) & increase DEF (3 turns) for yourself
This skill is basically what makes my Caster invincible during battle if I use him. I mostly am leveling him up because he is one of my favorite characters. However, I like that all Cu's seem to have this skill. This skill unlocks after the first Ascension.

Disengage C Lv. 1

- - Remove Debuffs & restore HP for yourself
If I were to actively use Caster in battle, this would be a skill that I would want to level up. Level 1 heals 500HP with a 7 turn cool down, where level 10 heals 1500HP with a 5 turn cool down. Unlocks after the third ascension.


To enhance your bond level with a Servant in the Fate/Grand Order game, you must have the Summon Spirit in your fighting party. Every battle, you gain points that go towards your bond level. The first few levels are easy to come by, (and hence the informationy you gather is simple), but as you go higher, it takes more and more points to grow a bond with your Servant. Below are the following 5/10 Bonds that I have with Caster.

Bond Level 1

Height/Weight: 185cm, 70Kg
Origin: Celtic Mthology
Region: Europe
Alignment: Lawful-Balanced
Gender: Male
Doesn't wear metallic equipment when he is a Caster.

Bond Level 2

When he materializes as a Caster, it is different than when he materializes as a Lancer. He uses a diverse range of Magecraft to torment his enemies. Specializing in powerful attacks using heat and fire, it is assumed that he uses teh "Ansuz" runic letter.

Bond Level 3

Rune Spell: A
He possess Northern European magical crests called Runes, given to him by Scathach. By using them, he can create powerful and diverse effects. However, he cannot use multiple Runes at the same time.

Bond Level 4

[[Wicker Man]]
Rank: B
NP Type: Anti-Army
Cage of Scorching Flames. A giant consisting of countless thin branches appears. The giant sets itself alight, and attacks the enemy to deal powerful heat and fire damage.

Bond Level 5

The cage in the torso of the giant that appaers as a Noble Phantasm is empty, so as result the giant rages on, seeking sacrifices for the gods. This is not an acranum of the runes, but a Noble Phantasm the Celtic druids gave to the Child of Light who materialized as the "Celtic Mage" controlling fire and heat.

Interlude Bond Level

When he materilizes as a Caster, it is believed he imposes the role of a "guide" to himself. Not as a true druid, but as a temporary one... As long as they are together, he will continue to guide and illuminate the path his Master shall walk on.

Interlude: To The Nameless Battlefield

When your Bond level with Lancer Prototype reaches Level 1 and you've reached your First Ascension, this Interlude will become availabe to play. You will have to beat this Interlude 3 times, costing a total of 30 AP, for you to beat this interlude. At the end, you will receive one saint quartz and you will notice an increase in his Noble Phantasm & a new Bond in his Profile. Through out these battles, you will fighting Classes of: Lancer, Archer, and Saber. The final battle will be with "The Other One," also known as Lancer himself. In final battle, Lancer will be at level 36 and have 110,179 HP. It is important for you to have a Saber in your party during the 3rd and final sequence because of this final battle. To check out the exact transcript during this Interlude, scroll down to the Dialogue & Voice Unlocked section and read what it was like to participate in the Lancer Prototype Interlude.
"He probably thinks it’s commendable that his Master is attempting to correct human history, and most likely wouldn't mind lending a hand. However, you must be careful, as he may not respond the same as the Lancer with the same True Name."
Overall, you learn that there is a link between Master and Servant where both memories come together in a dream-like state. Cu is showing you memories where he fought a brutal battle once before in his past in Connacht. He asks for your help, along with any other Heroic Spirits we can summon. He reminds us during the second sequence that if we lose the battle, we will die, even if it is in a dream world. Finally, after the third sequence, Cu is bummed that the battles are over. He is soon interrupted by the real Lancer, and the two have a small conversation before starting their battle.
Lancer: Though the answer's obvious, but I'll ask anyway. You want me to go easy on you?
Prototype: You've got to be kidding.
Lancer: Ah, just as I'd hoped. Impressive, Cu Chulainn, hero of Ulster.
Prototype: Well, I guess it's possible. Meeting yourself in a dream. Youget that, don't you?
Lancer: Nice. That's really a good way to put it. Well, shall we do this --
Prototype: Sure!! Okay, let's go, Master!!
After we win the battle against Lancer, the two decide that it ultimately was a draw. They continue to joke around about how they are surprised neither of them are dead due to their Noble Phantasm. Lancer states, "I'm impressed. My younger self is quite a tough guy." Prototype Lancer laughs it off, saying that he will definitely finish him off the next time they battle. Prototype then lets you know that when you wake up from the dream, his skills will have improved a lot and will be helpful in real battles.


Click the above title to view the dialogue and voices unlocked from Fate/Grand Order. The following can be found under the VOICE tab while looking at Caster under his Summon Spirit information. This will continue to be updated as I finish up unlocking his quotes. Look back for more.

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