Jun Asuka adapted The Nightmare Before Christmas' movie into a one-shot manga book. It was published on July 25th, 2005 by Disney Press. The manga comes in six different languages for an adaptable read for many fans of the Skellington himself! On, the story has a 4.11/5 star rating (544 people have rated it, and 38 people wrote in reviews). The book has 176 pages to it, and can be purchased in paperback or hardcover.
"Jack Skellington's got the blues. He's sick and tired of his hometown holiday, Halloween, and is longing for something new. But when his soul searching leads to his good-intentioned kidnapping of Santa, things start getting pretty hairy!" - - - Official description
Although I have yet to read this book, from the reviews, I have gathered that this story is set more in Sally's point of view. A lot of reviewers said that although the art work is beautiful and the story-line stays faithful to the movie, something just "seems to be missing," from the original film.

Tokyopop teased at its Comic Con International panel last year that it would have upcoming original "manga" collaborations with Disney. Tokyopop founder, Stu Levy, said that the works would be original and would possibly have Japanese artists. The company announced at its Anime Expo panel last year that it was planning to begin publishing manga again in 2016. Nothing has been confirmed or denied as of yet.

If you're all about The Nightmare Before Christmas, you may be wondering like myself how much this manga is selling for, and where can you buy it? Well, here are some of my findings:
Amazon had this manga book anywhere from $5.00 - $107.76, which is a huge price range! A lot of the books are used, probably because it came out over 10 years ago. However, if you read the reviews, there are some honest sources that seem to be promising with great quality used books.
Target has this book for sale ONLY online at $11.12. This doesn't say that it is used, so if you're looking for a brand new copy at a reasonable price, I think this would be a great steal! It is also the hardcover version of the book.
Barnes and Noble also has the hardcover of this book for $12.94, but if you have a NOOK, they have a copy for that for only $6.99!

I plan to buy this book within the next few months, so come back for my own review later!

Reviews of the manga with scans on youtube:
part 1
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