Jack Skellington has a side role in six of the video game series of Kingdom Hearts. This includes: Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Mix, and Final Mix+2. He lives in the world of Halloween Town where evil heartless have tried to take over. Jack befriends Sora, Donald, and Goofy in order to help him destroy the heartless and defeat Oogie Boogie.

His magical powers throughout the games include:
→ Blazing Fury
→ Icy Terror
→ Bolts of Sorrow
→ Ghostly Scream
→ Applause, Applause!
In the first Kingdom Hearts game, Jack incorporates the heartless in his performance for Halloween. He asks Dr.Finkelstein to make a heart for the creatures so that they can have the ability to dance. However, the heartless get loose and create havoc on the town. With the help of Sora, he is able to defeat Oogie Boogie and the heartless, but must cancel Halloween because he had no time to prepare anything. He promises Sora that next year there will be something terrifying on Halloween.

In Chain of Memories, Jack shows up as a figment of Sora's previous memories. While his role remains relatively the same, he requests Dr.Finkelstein to make a memory potion in order to teach the heartless new tricks for Halloween. Donald is not fond of Jack because he scares him a lot in both games.

He finally gets in his Santa costume in Kingdom Hearts 2, where he tells Sora, Donald, and Goofy that he is running Christmas "again," (emphasis on the again, maybe Jack didn't learn his lesson the first time!) Sora becomes Santa's body guard, but he is less than pleased to see Jack again trying to run Christmas. Oogie Boogie is revived again in Kingdom Hearts II, which Sally informs them of his kidnapping of Santa Claus. After Jack returns from riding in the sleigh with Santa Claus, Sally teaches him that the meaning of giving a present is not the gift in the box, but the wish to make someone happy. After Jack finally understands, the two of them dance together in the snow.

In all of six of the games, Jack's main goal is to create the ultimate Halloween performance, but the heartless or a greater scarier mind always get in the way. As a side note on his appearance, Jack is often shown even longer and slender in the games then in the movie. His torso is very small and his legs are so long. His outfit is emphasized a little differently and has more whiteness in the stripes than in the movie.

"The pumpkin king. He loves to scare people out their wits. Headstrong, confident, and likes grand gestures. Now he's working night and day to make this year's Halloween festival the greatest ever." - Jiminy's Journal entry

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