DEFAULT OUTFIT Talim's first outfit in Soul Calibur 4 is here main default outfit. Her hair has grown from the first two seasons as seen by her longer pig tail braids. She wears a big hat on her head that is white with a green design in the middle. She has a green choker that has a medallion attached to it. It has a moon and a sun on it, but this time its different colors and design. She has a really thin white bandeau on with a golden trim. Over it she wears an open short sleeved and cropped green vest with golden outlines. She has a high arm bracelet that is a maroon color with a golden trim. In the bracelet she has a symbol in gold. Her abdominal region is exposed. She wears long poofy see-through pants with gold trim. She has a small fanny-pack on and a golden belt like thing with long red ribbons falling off. Her outfit is finished with brown sandals that wrap up her leg.

SECOND OUTFIT Talim's second outfit in Soul Calibur 4 is dramatically different from the rest of her looks. She is... well... tan and SUPER blonde! She has bangs, and her hair in really high pig tails that are braided downwards. Her hair is extremely long in this outfit. She has a yellow medallion hanging down in the shape of a butterfly. She has a yellow tank top on that is cropped. Around her stomach is a greenish-blue belt with a golden paw print on it. Attached to this belt is a giant golden cat paw print that looks like it opens (I am assuming it is a pouch to put stuff in). She is NOT wearing pants!! She has a giant ribbon wrapped around her waist. On one end of the ribbon is a crescent moon, and on the other side is a ball that we can assume is a representation of the sun. She has a red ribbon wrapped around one of her upper thighs. She has cat-like boots on that emphasize the toes. She has a golden design going up from her boot with a green pendant in the middle. Very cute but weird outfit choice for Talim!

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