Yun-seong is one of Talim's travel companions through out the Soul Series games she appears in. Talim meets Yun-seong in Soul Calibur 2, where she tells him she doesn't want to fight him but she must go on. She doesn't want him to go after the sword because it is evil. However, he doesn't listen to her so they have to have a battle. There is not really a big connection at this point, but it just shows Talim's soft side for him by warning him and trying to prevent him from getting hurt and making a big mistake. They are both very determined to get what they want in the end, however, so they must butt-heads here.

Talim runs into Yun-seong once again in the Village of the Watermill. Yun-seong tells the village and Talim proudly that he is searching for the Soul Edge. Talim was very apprehensive about his plans, so she once again warned him of the sword and tried to stop his plan. Yun-seong ignores her wishes, but stays at the village with her in order to find some clues. Talim eventually begins to accept him for what he believes, but she still didn't agree with him.

When Talim learned a young boy in the village was dying from poisons, she decided to take in the evil into herself and to purify it with the wind back out of her. The impurities within her gradually made her abilities to read the wind go away. Seeing her sink in sorrow, Yun-seong said to her, "There are some things you can't do anything about. When that happens, you just have to do what you can!" His words were largely meaningless, but hearing him say them somehow gave her courage. They ended up splitting paths, but they would soon meet again.

In one of the endings Talim has during Soul Calibur III, Yun-seong shows up and grabs onto Talim before she falls down. He asks her if the battle is finally over, and she tells him that it is. He half-jokes about how it sucks now that the Soul Edge is gone. Talim chases after Yun-seong, telling him that he shouldn't be that way after everything they've been through together! He laughs and tells her its getting late, so they should probably get going and not stand around. Talim is shocked that he runs away from her when she is trying to have a conversation with him, so she anxiously chases after him.

They cross paths to the west in Soul Calibur IV. Talim continued to preach to him day in and day out about the dangers that come along with Soul Edge. She couldn't tell if he had taken her words seriously or not, but she had hoped. Shortly after, another girl Seong-Mi-na, a girl from Yun-seong's kin arrived. Seong-Mi-na had the same views on the Soul Edge as Talim did. She tried to get Yun-seong to return home and to stop searching for it. However, both the women failed at getting him to listen. The next morning, Yun-seong had fled the village, leaving Talim and Seong-Mi-na alone without a clue. "He's head strong," Talim explained to Mi-na "but he's a good person. In the end, I'm sure he'll make the right decision." Talim believed her words, but kept the thought of him making the proper decision on his own to herself.

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