DEFAULT OUTFIT Talim's default outfit in Soul Calibur 3 shows that Talim has changed since her first appearance. She appears to be more tan and you can tell she has gotten older as well. She wears a light-blue one piece gown. The gown is sleeveless and has has slits going down both sides that expose her outer stomach and curves. She is once again wearing the main medallion from Soul Calibur 3 with the moon and the sun. She has outlines of butterflies all over her outfit. One on her stomach, and a few smaller ones on her legs. There are gold outlines as well as darker blue and red. She has red sandals on and red ribbon flowing off of her thighs that match it. This is a very conservative outfit compared to the other ones we have seen Talim in.

SECOND OUTFIT Talim's second outfit during Soul Calibur 3 goes back to her old style. She has her braided hair once again, but this time she wears a small little sailor-like cap on the top of her head. She has bangs, which I think looks very cute on her! She has a small yellow-cream bandeau on that is outlined in a dark-green color. She is once again wearing her favorite medallion over this. She also has a thick red choker on her neck as well that is open in the front. Her abdominals and stomach are both exposed in this outfit. She is wearing poofy green pants that are outlined in the yellow-cream color as well. On the front of her pants she has a little tribal accessory that shows in gold and red.

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