1. Some things can only be conveyed through battle.
2. I cannot lose this fight!
3. I'm sorry, but I have to defeat you!
4. This isn't the right thing to do.
5. I'm sure I can do it!
6. Please, don't stand in my way.
7. Is there no other way to solve this?
8. I won't give anything less than my all.
9. Okay, I'm ready!
10. I have to do my best!
11. I can make it... I've already come this far!
12. Wind, share with me your courage!
13. The wind is shaking...
14. There is a stagnant wind around you.
15. I'm going to do my best!
16. I must win this fight.
17. I must calm down... okay.
18. Calm down, Talim. Okay.
19. I will not yield!
20. Okay, I won't hold back!
21. I won't run away!
22. I won't run away! I have to do this!
23. Okay, let's begin.
24. Wind, Guide me!
25. Please, prepare yourself.
26. Don't worry, believe in yourself.
27. I've made up my mind.
28. Your eyes... have so much sadness.
29. Isn't there any other way?
30. Please let me through.
31. Why? Why do you wish to fight?
32. There's still time... please stop this.
33. I won't have any regrets... I've made up my mind.
34. I can do this... I can still fight!

1. The devastation is spreading... I must hurry
2. I will not soon forget this fight.
3. Please, don't get up.
4. Oh, that was scary!
5. Is... is it really over?
6. Please, listen to the voice of the wind.
7. I will follow the wind, whatever it may go.
8. I gave it all this fight.
9. I will never give up, never!
10. Okay, I have to keep this up.
11. I hope I'm making some progress.
12. I must continue my journey!
13. I must do this... there is no one else!
14. If I had a choice, I would never.... but...
15. I know this was difficult... but...
16. The wind is calling me... I must move on.
17. I can do this. I can't give up!
18. I've got to keep going!
19. I must go... this isn't over yet.
20. I must hurry!
21. Okay. I won.
22. You're... so empty inside.
23. I will be like the wind!
24. My heart is still pounding.
25. I still have a way to go.
26. Please, have more respect for life.
27. I see doubt within you.
28. Won't you please give up?
29. Phew... that was close.
30. I don't want regrets.
31. I was lucky this time.
32. My hands are still tingling.
33. I am one... with the wind!
34. I will follow my own path.
35. Don't give up just yet, okay?
36. Great job, you can take a break now.

1. Come on!
2. I'm not done!
3. Don't get up!
4. I got it!
5. In that case!
6. How's this?!
7. Go through!
8. Believe.
9. Please... don't get up!
10. Wind!
11. Now!
12. Get there!
13. What did you say?!
14. Please... get there!

1. Why?!
2. No!
3. Hurts...

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