Talim is seen standing in a field, holding the Soul Edge in her hands. She holds the demon blade above her head and begins to summon the demon out by purifying the sword. She asks the wind for more strength to purify it. A huge tornado appears above her and the Soul Edge. In the first ending, Ending A (Also known as the No Input Ending), the Soul Edge gives Talim a small shock and flies up into the air. The wind destroys the blade, and Talim collapses to the ground from exhaustion. After a few moments go by to catch her breath, Talim stands up and looks towards the sky. She sees a small group of birds fly past the great wind mill at Wind Mill Village, and she smiles.

The second ending Talim has, Ending B (Also known as the Input Ending), goes a lot differently. Once the tornado rises above her head, Soul Edge harmlessly rises above her and breaks from her strength and the winds. Talim doesn't collapse to the ground in this ending because she is very strong. Yun-seong approaches her from behind and asks her if the battle is finally over. She smiles and says, "Yes... Now. Finally..."

Talim begins to collapse, but Yun-seong catches her in time. He asks her if she is alright, but Talim reassures him that she is fine. Yun-seong quickly starts to complain, "Aww man... so Soul Edge is really gone?" Talim gives him a dirty look and asks him why he hasn't given up on the sword yet.

Talim becomes concerned, getting angry after "all they've been through," Yun-seong still wants the evil sword. She starts to lecture him and yell. He gets out of it by saying that it's about to get dark soon, so they better hurry. Yun-seong smiles and starts to run away from Talim. Talim, shocked that he is running from her, yells after him that she isn't done speaking to him yet and to come back! Talim starts to run after Yun-seong, and the scene exits.

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