DEFAULT OUTFIT Talim's first outfit is her main default outfit that you will see in most promo-photos and official images of her. She has her hair split into two pig tails that are braided. She has a golden and red striped clasp holding her hair together. Talim wears a golden medallion that depicts a crescent moon and the sun. This is a representation on her love for nature and spirituality. She wears a green shoulder-less top that reveals her abdominal area. She has knee length white shorts, green leg warmers, and a pair of boots on. Through out her outfit she has reoccurring red stripes to accent her outfit. It is clear that she is very fit and has a slender, petite body. She has a young frame, tribal accessories, and a unique roster. She is a priestess so her outfits fit to that as well.

SECOND OUTFIT Talim's second outfit is a little more girly -- I say this because it's pink. It is more reserved than her first outfit, but only from the waist up. She has her hair up in a bun this time with a head piece covering it. The head piece has two bone-like structures on the top that are surrounded by pink fabric that covers her ears. She has pink under armor on with a white crop-cover up. She has another medallion on, but this time its a red and gold choker-like necklace. She has a really short skirt on with a slit up the side. This outfit really shows how long and slim Talim's legs are. She has red ankle warmers on, and a pair of sandals with a pink fluff on the top of them. I am impressed that she is able to move quickly in those sandals!

THIRD OUTFIT Talim's third outfit almost reminds me of a pirate. She is back to her two braided pony tails, with the same clasp holding her hair together. This time though, she has a bandana covering the top of her head with a few accents on it. She has a white bandeau on with a blue accented sleeveless tank top covering over it. The sides are free, allowing a breeze to enter. She has white poofy pants on that have blue triangles at the bottom. She tops off her outfit with another pair of sandals. This time the sandals look like they are a bit more supportive because they cover her toes. I would say this outfit looks like the most "tribal" or "priestess-like" outfit her three outfits. It is also her most conservative outfit, as well.

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