1. Don't worry Talim, believe in yourself.
2. Calm down, Talim... okay.
3. I won't back down!
4. Do you really want to do this?
5. I'm not going to run! I must fight!
6. Wind, guide me.
7. I am one with the wind.
8. Prepare yourself!
9. Well, let's begin.
10. I won't hold back!
11. I won't run away!
12. Please, let me through.
13. Believe in yourself, Talim.
14. I can do this!
15. There's a reason why I cannot yield.
16. You're full of nothing.
17. What sorrowful eyes.
18. Please, let me through.
19. Why do you fight?
20. I will be like the wind!
21. Prepare yourself!
22. Well, let's begin.
23. I've made up my mind.
24. Do you really want to do this?
25. There's a reason why I must win.

Talim: I can't let you go on. This sword is evil.
Yun-seong: I don't care if it's evil. I will protect my country!
Talim: Please...

Inferno: AHHHHHHGH!!!
Talim: You will not leave this place!

1. My heart is still pounding.
2. I've got to go on.
3. Okay! I won! Hah, ahaha!
4. I must fight. It's not over yet.
5. Don't worry, you'll be okay.
6. I can do this!
7. This isn't over yet.
8. You did your best. I respect that.
9. You're full of nothing.
10. I was just lucky.
11. Won't you please give up?
12. Conflict lies within you.
13. I don't want regrets.
14. My hands are still burning.
15. I will follow my own path.
16. Am I okay? My heart is still pounding.
17. I must keep going!
18. Please take care.
19. I must hurry on!
20. Phew. That was dangerous.

Against Yun-seong (English): I'm sorry! Please try to understand!
Against Yun-seong (Japanese): There is no other way, correct?
Against inferno: Go. Return to that from which you came!
Against Necrid (English): Who's responsible for this?
Against Necrid (Japanese): What's going on?

1. Come on... hit!
2. Go... away!
3. Wind!
4. Now!
5. Go!
6. I see you!
7. Forgive me!
8. More!
9. Strike!
10. Here I come!
11. I must...
12. Don't get up!
13. There!
14. Payback!
15. You want more?
16. How's this?
17. Are you okay?
18. Oh, no!
19. Please... hit!
20. Please... stay down!
21. Winds!
22. I can do this!
23. I'm sorry!
24. Here's more!
25. Hit!
26. Please... don't get up!
27. Don't!
28. My turn!
29. Want more?
30. What?!

1. Why?
2. How?
3. UGH...
4. No!
5. How could this be?

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