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All the following information is based on general information from all games of Soul Calibur that Talim has appeared in unless stated otherwise. There are many UNMARKED SPOILERS so please be careful while reading!

Talim uses elbow blades in order to defend herself in battle through out the Soul Calibur Series. In history, this type of weapon was called a tonfa. It was originally made out of red or white oak, and about 15-20 inches long. It was believed to have originated in China or East Asia (Not quite sure where in Asia it originated, but many speculate it was in the Eastern regions). People who wielded this weapon most commonly associated with Okinawan Marital Arts. There are three main grips on using this weapon:

1. honte-mochi (natural) - this grip provides protection and a brace along the forearm
2. gyakute-mochi (reverse) - this grip is used for a strike or a thrust
3. tokushu-mochi (special) - this is the flipping of the tonfa and grasping it by shaft, allowing the handle to act like a hook in combat

Now, to get specific to the game, Talim has 11 different weapons through out the series of Soul Calibur. You can get her other weapons while playing under Weapon Master Mode, or by playing randomly you can find them as well. Below will describe each weapon she has in the games, along with it's stats and whether its a difficult weapon to wield or not.
1. Syi Sarika and Loka Luha - Most familiar and well-balanced weapons for her.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%
A type of tonfa-like paired weapon called elbow blades, used by the wind-worshipping people of Southeast Asia in ceremonial dances. They are usually though of more as ritual items than as weapons. These elbow blades are well-balanced and can take the rigors of combat.

2. Wind Guide - Good defense and penetrates defenses, but easy to lose balance.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 116%
A pair of elbow blades used in wind-worshipping ceremonies. They are used once a year in the dance to welcome the wind that circles the earth. This dance has the theme of how humans should relate to the embracing wind, and it makes a firm impression in the minds of those who see it. They are sturdy weapons, but difficult to use.

3. Tonfa - Powerful single strikes, but lack offense.
Offense: 85%
Defense: 120%
A type of weapon used in the unique martial arts of the Ryukyu Islands, a region that prospered as the midway point for trade between China and Japan. They are designed for balanced offense and defense. They have no actual blade, but they can deal powerful blows.

4. Side Harpe - Powerful single strikes with Soul Charge, but lack offense.
Offense: 60%
Defense: 100%
There is an ancient Grecian sickle-sword known as a harpe, but these blades are far removed from that weapon. They were once owned by a collector of rare swords, but they were stolen, and their whereabouts became unknown. Skillfully applying strength yields powerful attacks. Unfortunately, their cutting edges have dulled over the years.

5. Double Crescent Blade - Excels in offense and defense. Offense increases with Soul Charge.
Offense: 130%
Defense: 130%
Unusual weapons consisting of two overlapping crescent blades. They were uncovered as burial treasure in an ancient grave. The name Double Crescent Blade was given to them by a later owner; their real names are unknown. On top of their sturdy construction and sharp blade, they respond to their wielder's fighting spirit and become even heavier and sharper.

6. Chaqu - Good offense, but guard is penetrable.
Offense: 130%
Defense: 100%
Types of kai, a Chinese weapon. Differing from a normal kai, these have a small blade attached near the grip. The grip, blade, and everything else are all designed for efficient attacks. In exchange for their efficiency, they have little defensive capability.

7. Cao Ankana - Long reach and penetrate defenses, but require energy.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%
Special elbow blades created for the purpose of appeasing out-of-season windstorms and lost typhoons. Unlike normal elbow blades, there is only one because the other blade is buried as part of the ritual to appease the wind. Its large size and heavy weight translate directly to high damage, but it takes stamina to swing.

8. Maila Kari - Long reach, but wielder receives damage.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%
Ancient elbow blades that are said to generate wind when swung. They were taken from the village of the wind-deity and lost when they were transferred into the hands of a European noble. The true value of these precious treasures went unknown, and they were treated as mere decoration. They are difficult weapons to use because their wielder is constantly buffeted by the wind.

9. Soul Edge - Fearsome demonic weapon said to absorb life.
Offense: 140%
Defense: 70%
An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls. This weapon is also known to be a shape-shifter - which form it takes depends on its current owner. The forms it has taken are legendary, as are the souls of the renowned warriors it has consumed. Only those with great mental discipline can retain their will while wielding this weapon. In addition to draining the life of its opponents, it also brings misfortune to the one who wields it.

10. Soul Calibur - Legendary weapon. Wield to discover its true power!
Offense: 100%
Defense: 80%
The spirit sword that has fought countless battles against Soul Edge behind the scenes of history, unbeknownst to man. It reacts to those of pure heart and gives its wielder the power to counter darkness. Just like the dark sword, it can change its form. It actually calls forth hope and grants vitality when its owner is in danger.

11. Weight - I'm sorry. Please forgive me, I won't do it again.
Offense: 80%
Defense: 80%
In the village where Talim was born, children were occasionally punished by forcing them to stand for several hours while holding heavy weights created in the shape of elbow blades. They are not weapons, but perhaps opponents who see them may let down their guard.

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