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All the following information is based on general information from all games of Soul Calibur that Talim has appeared in unless stated otherwise. There are many UNMARKED SPOILERS so please be careful while reading!

Talim is a close-range character who fights with her trademark wind dancing attacks. Her battle style heavily relies on seemingly quick and random strikes all around the opponent. She uses Eskrima, an indigenous Filipino martial art. Her special stances place her in wild acrobatics to overwhelm the opponent. She has good mind games and mix-ups in the game, due to her small stature and the deception of fast attacks. Also, she has a good combo game. However, her body tends to jut out before her weapons, making most of her attacks interruptible. In addition, she has perhaps one of the smallest ranges of any character but her sheer speed is somewhat of a compensation.

Now we are going to take a closer look at each type of range: Short Range, Medium Range, Long Range, and Ring Out abilities. Scroll down to each header to find out more information. Hopefully this is helpful to you when trying to battle with Talim! If you have any other opinions about her fighting style, please feel free to email me and I can definitely add some other ideas on this page as well.

1. SHORT RANGE - The best range for Talim to be in.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%
Talim has everything she could need to make this range perfect for her. When she is close up with an enemy she is able to use her quick speed and wind to help her almost always connect with her enemy and do reasonable damage. She is also always able to stay close to them as long as she is hitting them and they aren't good at avoiding short-ranged attacks.

2. MEDIUM RANGE - Not a good range for Talim to be in.
Offense: 50%
Defense: 75%
This is a bad range for Talim because she does not have any attacks that can really hit far distances. The best thing for Talim in this range is to allow the opponent to come hit you first, which allows you to fight back. If you are stuck in a medium range, I would suggest using a move like Shearing Blade in order to help Talim find a spot to hit her opponent. This move has a slow start up, so when used as a guaranteed hit, is closes the gap between medium range and changes it to short range. Another great move to use in this situation would be Blade Cyclone while side-stepping yourself into a vertical attack that allows you to get back into short-range.

3. LONG RANGE - Horrible range for Talim to be in.
Offense: 10%
Defense: 90%
When Talim is in a long-ranged position, she is basically forced to be in a defense mode until you figure out how to get her back into a short-ranged area. All of her wind moves are VERY unsafe to use because they can easily be shot down and used against her. If your opponent attacks first, use Paayon Thrust to throw yourself back into short-range and allow yourself to attack back. Another technique you could try as more of a "rush-down" technique would be to use Flowing Gale Strike, which will make your enemy fly up, and then follow them with Wind Sault after the hit. Basically, try to guess your opponents moves. If they are coming at you with a low attack, use a Tech Jump attack. If they are coming at you with a high attack, use a Tech Crouch attack back. Keep your eyes open and your senses moving after your opponent.

4. RING OUT - Decent position for Talim to be in.
Offense: ---%
Defense: ---%
To establish a good hit to "ring-out" your opponent, just use some of the following moves and get comfortable using them in practice mode against an opponent. Gust Hook set up the enemy to be launched, so make sure you have the enemy near the edge of an arena. You could also possibly ring out with Spinning Low Hiwa by kicking them out of the ring. A good thing about this attack is that if it is blocked or doesn't work to your favor, you can quickly recover yourself by going into Wind Charmer.

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