The wind is calling me, I must move on

All the following information is based on my personal opinions on Talim from the Soul Calibur games she appeared in unless stated otherwise. There are many UNMARKED SPOILERS so please be careful while reading!

Talim's tribe worships Wind. This is a form of primitive nature worship. This type of worship personifies an element such as the sun, moon, stars, fire, wind, water, earth, etc, and makes it seem like humans aren't as separated from them as we once thought. In historical terms, Celtic people were one of the first quoted to believe and worship in natural elements. The wind was regarded as a living being whose power was astonishing. Druids and Celtic priestesses claimed the power of controlling the winds. Christians said that these priestesses could only do this with the help of demonic figures, or old divinities of the air. A historical cult of the winds was confirmed by many ancient Greek authors. Each time the wind was worshipped, it was a special, individually named wind. These winds determined the weather at a certain period of the year or at a certain place.

The photo to the left is a drawing of what the priestess of the wind really looked like as they tried to worship and control the winds around them. This practice was referred to as wind magic. This practice was done by gaining control of the four winds of the world and using their intense powers. Depending on which wind is blowing, the vibrations of the earth also differs.

The Northern Wind
☆ Referred to as the wind of death and change, controlled by the God Ophion
☆ Brings "cold" and destruction
☆ Symbols: body, growth, material gain, money, creativity, birth, death, silence

The Eastern Wind
☀ Referred to as the wind of renewed life and intellect, controlled by the God Euros
☀ Brings rain and improvements
☀ Symbols: the mind, all mental, intuitive and psychic work. Knowledge, abstract learning, wind and breath

The Southern Wind
☇ Referred to as hot fiery wind, controlled by the God Notus
☇ Brings curse, or acts of deception
☇ Symbols: energy, spirit, heat, flame. Blood, healing, candle flames, sun eruptions, freedom, change, perceptions

The Western Wind
☄ Referred to as the wind of love and fertility, controlled by the God Zephyrus
☄ Brings healing and cleansing
☄ Symbols: love, fertility, healing and cleansing. Emotions, love, courage, daring, sorrow, intuition, fertility

Talim is definitely associated with the Western Winds, but she can use all of them to help her fight and wind battles, especially because she is such an innocent girl. She comes from the west, bringing healing and cleansing with her pure heart. As she fights, she can use the other winds to aid her.

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