please, have more respect for life

All the following information is based on general information from all games of Soul Calibur that Talim has appeared in unless stated otherwise. There are many UNMARKED SPOILERS so please be careful while reading!

Talim is a delicate girl who loves nature. Talim owns a pet bird back home named Alun, and although we never see the bird, it must be significant for the producers to mention that she has one. I personally believe they mentioned it because of Talim's love of the outdoors, and mostly mother-earth herself.

Another way to prove she loves nature are the battle quotes she says in all of the games. In Soul Calibur 3, Talim tells her opponents to have more respect for life, not just human life, but all life. Living things are beautiful and worth protecting to her, which includes the world she lives in. She knows that if the evil continues, it will destroy the beauty in the world. She often calls for things of the natural world to help her such as wind, stars, and lightning. She clearly calls for things that have to do with the sky because she is the priestess of the winds. However, with loving wind means she loves nature.

All of Talim's stages in the series represent the elements of nature. In Soul Calibur II, Talim's stage is in the Village of the Wind, which represents wind. In Soul Calibur III, her stage is the Water Mill Valley, which represents water. Finally, in her last appearance, her stage is Distant Marsh, which represents earth.

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